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Kodaline reveal big ambitions for the future


Irish band Kodaline are one of the most hard-working bands in the industry, playing 106 shows in the last six months.

They are currently promoting their second album, Coming Up For Air, but admitted that it’s touring that keeps them going in their career.

“We gig relentlessly. Even when we have days off we’ll find a place to play” said the band’s frontman Steve Garrigan.


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“We’ve never really had a big hit worldwide, but we have a big fanbase… at the moment, our live shows are what’s driving us.”

Speaking about their plans for the future, they urged that they will never stop working – even during their time off.

“Any time we have off, we’ll spend in the studio. We wrote and recorded our last album in eight weeks,” he said.

“We’re very aware that bands come and go. Every album could be our last, but our dream is to have a career that could span the rest of our lives. But you can’t tell the future.”

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On their plans for future tours, the band have big aspirations even though they still suffer with nerves.

“If we got to a stadium, that would be the dream. We got a taste of it, actually, when Ed Sheeran invited us on stage in Croke Park in Dublin.”

“We played one of our songs, called All I Want, and the whole stadium sang every word back to us. It was 80,000 [people] and I almost fainted with the nerves,” he added.