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Kian Egan opens up about the new series of the Voice of Ireland


Kian Egan has opened up about the new series of RTE’s the Voice of Ireland.

With the blind auditions hitting our screens on January 3, the Sligo man revealed it’s been great to have S Club 7’s Rachel Stevens and The Saturday’s Una Foden for a second year on the panel alongside himself and Bressie.

“It’s crazy to think that it’s the fifth year already,” he said.


New season: Kian revealed the Voice of Ireland will be another year of strong contestants | RTE

“We’ve another really strong show this year again and it’s been good fun filming so far. Everyone’s a lot more relaxed.

“With no coach change this year I think it makes everyone a lot more comfortable in their roles,” he told the Mirror.

While the judges are more comfortable in their roles, Kian insisted the live shows are when the contestants’ talent shines through.

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Live shows: Kian admitted the live shows prove the contestants talent| RTE

“We’ve had three or four big stand-outs.¬†They’re very unique singers, but at the same time I think it’s very early to call because we’ve only really heard them sing twice so far,” he revealed.

“It’s such a strange process – it’s when they get on to the live shows they either shine or shine or fall apart.

“It’s going to be interesting once we get there but the talent has been just as strong this year so it’s shaping up to be a good series.”