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Keith Barry: 'I gave up a career in women's makeup for a career in magic'


Keith Barry has revealed he was creating women’s makeup before he ever got into magic.

The Waterford native has had a successful career as a mentalist all over the world, and is now back with his ITV show You’re Back In The Room, with host Philip Schofield.

But before hitting the big time, Keith said he worked as a trained cosmetic scientist for a Swedish cosmetics company.

“I did it for over two years, inventing women’s make-up,” he admitted.

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It’s back: Keith’s show has returned to ITV

“I was developing eye make-up remover, you know where the oil floats on the water, and then you shake it and mix it together to get rid of your mascara.

“Because there was no animal testing, and rightly so, I had to put the mascara on myself to test it out and I just felt this sort of life was not for me,” he told the Irish Mirror.

“I’m certainly not a metrosexual, let’s put it that way,” he joked.

-You’re Back In The Room airs on TV3 tonight at 9pm.