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Director Jim Sheridan has his say on Oscar racism controversy: 'I really think they have a point'


Jim Sheridan has admitted he thinks the #OscarsSoWhite campaign has a point.

The My Left Foot director revealed that movies like Straight Outta Compton should have received more nominations and agreed with Spike Lee, who called for a change in The Academy.

“It’s pretty weird that the rap culture extended in records and listeners but not in viewers, it’s a real weird difference,” he admitted.

“So I think they have a point, I really do think they have a point,” he said.

straight outta

Controversy: Straight Outta Compton should have got more nominations

Speaking to Eoghan McDermott on 2FM, Jim added that other award ceremonies recognise people of all colour, but the media constantly focus on The Oscars as the main awards show.

“The Oscars are the only thing that the world sees as the dominant force in recognising film.

“But if that’s the case then Italian cinema, French cinema, English cinema rarely gets a look in and the black culture in America get much more of a look in than the cultures outside.

“They know that but they’re fighting their own battle, they’re fighting their own side. I think Spike (Lee) is right,” he added.

“Straight Outta Compton is a great movie and they should have got something.”

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Best picture: Jim believes Room will win

Meanwhile Jim revealed he believes Lenny Abrahamson’s movie Room could win Best Movie at the Oscars next month, adding that he wil ask his wife to light a candle.

“I really believe Room has a chance, I believe it has a chance to go all the way.

“It’s the movie with the deepest empathy, it’s the movie with the biggest heart. I’ll get my wife, she is very good at lighting candles,  I hope she lights one for Room,” he added.