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Jenny Greene opens up about her private life: 'I didn't want to be known as the gay DJ'


Jenny Greene has revealed that she has kept her life so private in the past because she didn’t want be stereotyped as “the gay DJ.”

The 2FM presenter got engaged to her long-term love Kelly Keogh earlier this year and admitted that the news of the engagement shocked some people as they were so private about their personal lives beforehand.

“It’s not that I didn’t want to speak about my personal life before, I just didn’t want to be known as ‘the gay DJ’, I didn’t want to be in that box, or any box,” she explained.

Jenny Greene

Happy: The pair got engaged back in September | TWITTER

“A lot of people didn’t presume it, sometimes people do, so people were shocked [when they found out].”

The 32-year-old and her wife-to-be are due to wed in the summer of next year, and Jenny admits that they are both very involved in the wedding planning – which can be difficult at times.

“We are both going to get wedding dresses now, but we are trying to make that fun as it’s a bit of a chore to us both.”

“It’s all happening quite quickly, but that’s what happens when you have two women planning a wedding,” she told The Sun.


Tough: Jenny admits two women planning a wedding is difficult | INSTAGRAM

Speaking about the marriage equality referendum that was recently passed, Jenny expressed how important it is to the pair that they can get married “properly.”

“It is important to us that we are able to get married in our own country and do it properly.”

“You don’t want to go into a marriage with legal issues and if you have kids worries about guardianship and all that sort of thing, you want to do it properly like other couples,” she added.