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IFTA winner Deirdre O'Kane confirms Moone Boy movie


Comedienne and actress Deirdre O’Kane has confirmed that her Sky 1 hit Moone Boy will be adapted for the big screen.

Speaking about the Irish show being made into a film, the actress revealed that it will be in production sometime next year.

“I say that’ll happen, the boys really want to do it and I think Sky are happy to pay for it so I say next year that will probably rock into production,” she said.

Noble Premiere 30

Over the Moone: Deirdre confirmed that Moone Boy the movie will start production next year | BRIAN MCEVOY

Asked if the Irish sitcom will translate well Stateside – the 44-year-old star revealed that the show has more viewers there then in the UK.

“At this stage there are more viewers of Moone Boy in the US than there is in the UK,” she told The Anton Savage Show.

With a growing global audience of the Irish production, Deirdre humbly added: “It’s nice to get a big audience anywhere, that’s always a privilege to get an audience”.

IFTA Awards 2015 at The Mansion House

Noble winner: Deirdre O’Kane won Best Actress at the IFTAs | VIPIRELAND.COM

Last night proved to be a big night for the actress, who picked up an IFTA for Best Actress for her role in Noble.

Opening up about her win, Deirdre admitted she didn’t think she was going to nab the award since her co-star Sarah Greene picked up a statue for her role in the same movie.

“Sarah Greene who played the younger Noble had won Best Supporting Actress before me and then they gave her the Rising Star award so [I thought] ‘Ah they’ve given two to Sarah now that’s the end of that’ so you prepare yourself,” she said frankly.

“So you prepare yourself, normally you don’t mind, honestly I don’t but this film I did mind because it was six years of my life getting it made”.