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Glenda Gilson admits guest hosts on Xpose were to 'generate publicity – we're stuck in a rut'

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Glenda Gilson has admitted that Xpose hired guest presenters to get more publicity.

TV3 have had Jodi Albert, Pippa O’Connor, Nadia Forde and Suzanna Jackson guest hosting the show, and Glenda revealed it’s been a great way to get the show out of a rut.

“I suppose it’s all about generating publicity, getting us out there again and just stirring things up,” she said.

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Publicity: Glenda admitted the guest presenters were great publicity for the show | TV3

“We’re five days a week, so it’s always hard, sometimes you’re stuck in a rut and you know what, we welcome anyone coming in because it takes work off us.

“It’s a lot of work and sometimes you’d love to be out on location all day and you can kind of go from A to B but then coming back to other days you have to get yourself ready and in to studio and read scripts,” she divulged.

“It’s either one or the other, you prefer to be out or in all the day editing and then straight into studio.


Hit: Xpose guest presenter were a ratings hit with viewers | TV3

“The girls that have come in has got people talking again, it has worked. It get’s us out there again, you need to shake it up,” she told the Nicky Byrne Show on 2fm.

Goss.ie previously revealed that the guest presenters were a ratings hit for the TV3 entertainment show.

Guest presenters Suzanne Jackson, Jodie Albert and Pippa O’Connor made a huge impact on the viewership.