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'Fans were begging us to get back together' The Corrs officially reunite on stage


The Corrs have officially reunited after playing their first gig in ten years in London.

The family foursome performed at BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park and admitted they loved being back together.

“It was great we had a blast up there, we really enjoyed playing together, the audience were absolutely amazing, they were all singing along to Runaway which was really a very special moment it nearly had me in tears,” Sharon Corr said.

sharon corr

Breathless: Sharon Corr performed with her family | BBC RADIO 2/ TWITTER

The band enjoyed worldwide success releasing five albums with numerous tracks going platinum before taking a break in 2005 but a decade later they are working on new music.

“We’re just finishing a record right now of all new songs that we’re really excited about,” Andrea told BBC Radio 2.

The Louth natives plan on releasing new material later this year and revealed it has their signature Irish sounds with a twist.

“Hopefully it’s very much present of what we wanted to create right now but definitely there is some lovely┬áIrish songs we feel are really different to what we’ve done before, we always incorporate the Irish where we feel is right in the music,” Caroline added.

andrea corr

Runaway: The Corrs are working on new music | BBC RADIO 2/ TWITTER

Since going their separate ways the group have raised families but when a reunion was suggested they all agreed to it.

“It just felt right and we’ve got eight babies between us now and it was Caroline who suggested ‘Why don’t we do something, get together and write a couple of songs’. Timing was right and so here we are,” Jim explained.

Earlier this year, The Corrs announced that they were working together again and it was met with positive feedback.

“When we first let the news out that we were working together the reaction was really beautiful and I noticed a lot before then people were just begging us to do stuff which is always a good thing,” Sharon added.