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EXCLUSIVE! Nicky Byrne: 'I'm not sure Ireland can ever win Eurovision again'


Nicky Byrne has admitted he’s not sure if Ireland can win the Eurovision again.

The former Westlife star is representing Ireland in this year’s contest in Sweden but he’s not so sure he’s got a chance of winning.

Ireland last took home the gold at the Eurovision in 1996 and have had less than stellar results in recent years.

Speaking to Goss.ie, Nicky revealed he hopes the fact he is an established artist will help get Ireland’s name back on the map this year.

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Winner: Nicky isn’t sure if  Eurovision is winnable for Ireland | ANDRES POVEDA

“I don’t know from an Irish point of view, if the Eurovision is even winnable anymore,” he said.

“We’ve fallen off a cliff with Eurovision. The way the other countries select their songs is different, they hold big TV shows, it’s equivalent to the X Factor in terms of production and viewership.

“Even if I do half descent and we claw our way back into good results, maybe next year someone else will step up to the plate and the Eurovision will become something that established acts do.


Comeback: Nicky hopes he will bring back Eurovision success to Ireland

Meanwhile, Nicky has been busy checking out his competition on YouTube and has been pretty impressed with what he saw.

“Yeah, I’ve seen them all online. I’m watching them constantly. There are some great songs.

“Spain have a great song, Australia and Malta have great songs,” he added.

It comes after the 2FM host, and winner of Best Radio Show at The Gossies 2016, insisted he doesn’t know why radio stations aren’t playing his Eurovision track.