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EXCLUSIVE: Maya Vander thinks next season of Selling Sunset will be pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic

The real estate agent says we may not see a new season for quite some time...

Selling Sunset

Maya Vander has revealed that she thinks the next season of Selling Sunset will be pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The hit Netflix show follows both the professional and personal lives of the glamorous real estate agents in the high-end luxury brokerage The Oppenheim Group, and has left fans wanting more after the recent release of the third season.

Maya spoke exclusively with Goss.ie, where she admitted that while she would love to do another season of the hit real estate show – she did not think it would be a possibility any time soon.

“Jason [Oppenheim] has said if we do a season four we’ll have to do COVID training, so I don’t think it’s going to happen soon,” she said.

“I doubt it’s going to be any time before the new year to be honest, because things are not the same – people wearing masks and social distancing…

“I really think COVID will slow down the process of shooting a fun show and fun season… I mean can you imagine Christine [Quinn] with a facemask? I can’t,” she laughed, “It would be so fancy with diamonds or something.”

The real estate agent, who is currently living in Miami with her husband and two children, said that while she would “love to be part” of the next season – she feels she was given the least amount of air time on the show.

“I was probably the one with the least scenes in the show, but I’ve learned to be okay with that because I don’t have ego and at the end of the day I’m there to get more real estate business.”

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“The glamour and the fame is all great and fun, but it’s just not something that I need in my life that bad. If I get some great clients from the show even if I have the least scenes – I’m totally fine with that.


“I was a little bit disappointed initially,” Maya admitted, “It just feels like it was a lot about Chrishell [Stause]’s divorce.

“Obviously Chrishell and Christine are the stars of the show but it would’ve been nice to show a bit more of my personal life. I was pregnant so they could’ve shown me going to the doctor because a lot of people can relate to that.

“I just wish they could’ve shown more personal stuff with me as well as Chrishell’s divorce – that would’ve been nicer but it is what it is.”

Maya with her husband and two children | Instagram

“I cannot move to LA full-time obviously because my two children and husband live here [in Miami], so I would try to make another season work if I could do a couple of scenes or cameos – that would be great.

“I would be nice to be somehow part of it. I would also love for them to shoot in Miami, but I don’t know if that’s going to be in their budget.

“So if I can somehow make it work, I would love to. I just don’t know yet so I will have to take it as it comes.”