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EXCLUSIVE! Keith Barry in talks for American TV show – but admits TV3 series may not return


He has just landed a high profile series with ITV, but Keith Barry has admitted his TV3 show might not be coming back.

The Waterford magician stars in new ITV show You’re Back In The Room, but told Goss.ie he wasn’t sure if his TV3 show Brain Hacker is getting renewed.

The series first aired on TV3 in January 2014, but hasn’t been on air since.

“As for series two of Brainhacker, I don’t know yet,” he admitted.

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New show: Keith stars on You’re Back In The Room | ITV

“With (programming director) Jeff Ford leaving, I don’t think TV3 are making any decisions currently.”

In the meantime Keith has a Saturday night slot on ITV with Philip Schofield, and revealed he’s already in talks for his own series in the US.

“I’m going to do some more TV over there. I’m talking to a number of different networks about doing my own series.

“It’s been a couple of years now since I did TV in the states and I want to do more TV over there. In a couple of weeks I’ll jump on a plane and go over there and figure out which network I want to go with.

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New show: Keith wants to go back to the states | BRIAN MCEVOY

Meanwhile Keith said although he’s not sure if his TV3 show is back, he’s open to working with RTE.

“I’m always open to other avenues. I’d be open to work with RTE again. I did 14 hours of original television with RTE and every one of them topped the ratings.

“I’ve been talking to RTE for years about doing stuff with them,” he explained.