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EXCLUSIVE! John Carney reveals Sing Street could be made into a musical

John Carney has revealed that Sing Street could be made into a musical.

The director, who is responsible for critically-acclaimed film Once, has admitted that his latest film Sing Street could follow the same path as Once and be made into a hit stage musical.

“There has been talk about it, yeah,” he told


John Carney & guests at The Ray Darcy Show

Once again: John’s latest creation could be made into a musical | VIPIRELAND.COM

Despite revealing that there are plans for the film to be turned into a stage production, the Dublin native admitted that he won’t expect it to be as popular as Once The Musical, which is set to return to Dublin again this summer.

“But, I mean, I would never think that lightning strikes twice,” he said.

The news comes after John gushed about Bono’s praise for Sing Street.


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