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EXCLUSIVE! Glenn Keogh opens up on Once Upon A Time role


Irish actor Glenn Keogh has opened up on his experience being part of the hit fantasy series Once Upon A Time.

The Blackrock native, who played the role of King Fergus in an episode of the popular show alongside fellow Irish star Caroline Morahan, said that it was a great show to work on due to its massive production.

Speaking to Goss.ie, Glenn said, “It’s a big production, they pull in about 14 million viewers a week, and it has very loyal fans that interact on social media every week with all of the cast members.


Fantasy: Glenn plays King Fergus based on a character from Disney’s Brave | YOUTUBE

“It’s a brilliant show with a huge fan base, it’s shot up in Vancouver and they recreated the storyline from Brave (Disney) and brought me in as Princess Merida’s dad King Fergus, who was voiced by Billy Connolly in the animated movie.”

On the topic of working with his fellow ‘paddy’ Caroline,  he said that she was amazingly cast randomly as his wife, Queen Elinor, to his surprise and that it was a pleasure to work with her ‘as always’.

“They cast Caroline Morahan, who’s a good friend of mine, as my wife, randomly – two paddies shooting two Scottish roles,” he joked.

“It was a pleasure to work with her as it always is.”


Pals: Glenn’s friend Caroline Morahan played his wife Queen Elinor | YOUTUBE

Glenn has been busy since his move to LA, having starred in a host of popular American TV series including Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and most recently Scorpion.

Speaking about working on a fantasy series, in comparison to his usual gritty gangster esque roles, he says the attention to detail in this type of series is “incredible” and that he hopes his character will make a return.

“The attention to  detail on the show is incredible, from the wardrobe, to the makeup, to the set.

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“We shot a lot of our footage out in Vancouver by the ocean, up in the mountains – it was just absolutely stunning.

“So with a bit of luck, that character [King Fergus] will recoil and they’ll bring me back more in the current season – which is a strong possibility,” he added.

Another Irish actor that features on the show is Victoria Smurfit, whose character Cruella de Vil is set to return from the dead in the latest series.