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Don't they look SPECS-Y: Irish models rock Spectacle Wearer of the Year final


Kieran Harnett

Models were out on the town last night – as they showed off their specs-y style.

Gorgeous Holly Carpenter, Hayley Ryan and Michelle McGrath were representing at the Irish Spectacle Wearer of the Year final.

The former Miss Ireland was on hand to add some style to the event after jetting back from her adventure in Spain.

TV star Darren Kennedy hosted the Irish final of the event, which was won by Jenny Keane.

Kieran Harnett

Winner: Jenny Keane with Celia Holman Lee, Darren Kennedy and Sinead Clohessy | KIERAN HARNETT

The 28-year-old identical twin, from Dublin, will now go on to represent us at the final in October.

She said: “I am absolutely thrilled to have been voted Ireland’s Spectacle Wearer of the Year. I never in a million years though I would win.

Kieran Harnett

Host: Jo Delbridge and Darren Kennedy | KIERAN HARNETT

“My twin sister Amy and I both entered the competition with the same picture, her in London where she now lives, and me in Ireland.

“We were in total shock when we discovered we’d both been selected as regional finalists. Overall the experience has been fantastic and I cannot wait for the final in London this October.”

Kieran Harnett

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