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Daniel O'Donnell reveals he has a bromance with Strictly Come Dancing's Peter Andre

Daniel O’Donnell has revealed that he has developed a Strictly Come Dancing bromance with Peter Andre.

The Donegal singer and the Australian reality star are both competing on this year’s series of the BBC show and they’re already getting along great.

“There’s already a ‘bromance’ between Peter (Andre) Iwan (Thomas) and myself,” Daniel said.

Peter Andre

TV: Daniel is competing on  Strictly against Peter Andre

“We were all encouraging and applauding each other during the dance rehearsals.”

“It’s just amazing the fun we’re having, even though it’s very difficult to remember all the moves and co-ordinate them. Everything goes so fast in the training that it’s hard to keep up.”

Meanwhile, the TV star admitted that when it comes to his dancing moves, he’s finding latin the most difficult genre to master.

daniel kristina

Tough: Daniel is finding latin dancing difficult to master

“When you master the smallest thing there’s a great sense of achievement, but you don’t have time to shout ‘yes’ because you’ll have missed the next bit,” he said.

“The Latin ones are going to be the most difficult for me because I’m not good with hip movement.”

The 53-year-old admitted that his dancing co-star Kristina Rhianoff is the best partner he could have asked for.

“She’s very patient and when I do something wrong she doesn’t say, ‘That was wrong,’ she just explains and says, ‘Try and do it this way’.”


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