Home Movie Chris Evans admits: 'Captain America should be called Captain Ireland'

Chris Evans admits: 'Captain America should be called Captain Ireland'


Avengers star Chris Evans has admitted that he thinks his on-screen character Captain America should be known as Captain Ireland, due to the superhero’s heritage.

The hunky star revealed that there are similarities between him and his Marvel alter-ego, thanks to them both being born and raised in an Irish-American household.

“There are a lot of similarities between us. I was raised a good Catholic Irish boy at heart, so was ‘Cap’. Our sensibilities and ideologies come from that. That sense of morality, very much stems from that,” he told the Irish Sun.


Captain Ireland: Chris revealed Cap’s Irish heritage

“The difference is Cap was first generation Irish. His folks actually came from Ireland, they came over at the turn of the last century. Yeah, I read all this in the notes, Marvel sends it to you, they want you knowing your research.

“So everything he knew from a young age was Irish. And that’s a big part of who he is, that moral code he lives by, you know, you could totally call him Captain Ireland,” he said.

Chris also revealed that he thinks his Irish-Catholic upbringing has helped him remain “polite and respectful”.

“My heritage is a little more diluted, there’s Italian but we were definitely an Irish Catholic house. I’m a good Catholic Irish boy. And I like to think I’ve held onto that.

“I think my attitude is very reflective of that. I like to be direct and to the point but also polite and respectful at the same time,” he added.

Captain America: Civil War is out in Irish cinemas now.