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Celia Holman Lee 'the fresh air in Limerick keeps me young'


Businesswoman Celia Holman Lee has admitted her secret to looking young and it’s far cosmetic surgery.

The fashionista who recently MC-ed Oxendales new Spring Summer collection opened up about achieving her youthful look.

“We’re blessed in Limerick, I think it’s the fresh air off the Shannon that leaves us fresh skinned,” she said.


Under the knife: The famed business woman has revealed her youthful look is down to her Limerick roots | WOMAN’S WAY

Speaking to Woman’s Way magazine, the glamorous style queen admitted that her passion for fashion means that she’s far from retirement.

“I will never retire, I want to maybe fall off the ramp. No, no, no, I couldn’t [retire], I don’t function when I’m not working.

“I’m not a golfer, I couldn’t do anything like that, I don’t have very many hobbies. Fashion is my life really,” she said.

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The style star who just celebrated her 43rd wedding anniversary got candid about the reality of marriage.

“You take it in decades that’s all you can do, that’s my advice, you work each decade.

“There are great ones, very difficult ones, fantastic ones this to me, for us, is nearly the best one,” she revealed.