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Bridal party! Glenda Gilson has ANOTHER hen – this time with her Xpose pals


They weren’t at her hen weekend in Marbella, or her hen night in Dublin, so it’s only fair the Xpose girls threw Glenda Gilson a bridal party.

The bride-to-be was given another celebration by the TV3 stars at Avoca today.


Lovers: Even Rob dropped in to the Xpose hen

Lisa Cannon posed alongside Glenda, who was wearing a pink sash – with fiance Rob McNaughton even dropping in.

And with just days to go before Glenda’s big day, Lisa sported hilarious nails with the image of Glenda’s fiance printed on.


Nails: Lisa showed off her new adornments

Lisa showed off her very own engagement ring as she posed with the quirky stick on nails.

Glenda will marry Rob in a lavish ceremony in top class resort Doonbeg in Co Clare on August 29.


Pals: Karen gets into the engagement party


Cheers! Lisa and Glenda toast upcoming wedding

The hotel is now owned by US businessman Donald Trump.

Although no details about Glenda’s dress has been revealed, the presenter bought her gown in London and her mum is the only one to have seen it.

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