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Bernard O'Shea: 'Jennifer and I are radio and TV's most dysfunctional couple'


Bernard O’Shea and Jennifer Maguire have spilled the beans on their long standing friendship played out before the eyes and ears of the Irish public.

The pair present together on 2fm’s Breakfast Republic and star in the new series Bridget and Eamon which has already been drawing in very impressive ratings.

Bernard explained that the pair are like a “dysfunctional couple” in real life and have tried to kill each other a couple of times in the past.


Couple: Bernard and Jennifer both present on 2fm’s Breakfast Republic | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Off-screen, I would describe our relationship as radio and TV’s most dysfunctional couple’,” he said.

“We are working together about fifty years now. No, make that seven years.”

“I have only tried to kill her once and she has only tried to kill me twice, so that’s good going,” he told the Sunday World’s Magazine +.

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On set mishaps: Jennifer revealed that Bernard accidently gave her a black eye

“We’re like brother and sister. We do everything together, even simple things like if there is no toilet paper I shout, ‘Jen wipe me.’.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer revealed that the goings on behind-the-scenes on Bridget and Eamon have been just as entertaining as what ends up on camera.

“A toilet that didn’t work. A sick Bernard. A hole in the floor. Getting a black eye from Bernard (it wasn’t intentional). And eh, a slight mental breakdown.”