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Amanda Byram set to ROAST Irish celebs at the IFTAs


Irish TV presenter Amanda Byram has revealed that this years IFTAs will feature a lot of gags and “roasting” celebs.

The former model is set to host this years TV IFTA’s, taking place in the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Ballsbridge this Thursday and is set to be aired by TV3 on Friday evening.

According to Amanda, Irish TV stars in attendance should be prepared to be slagged.

“It’s going to be a really fun night. There’s a lot of gags in there, a lot of roasting,” she revealed on The Nicky Byrne Show on 2FM.

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Funny: Amanda will be cracking jokes and roasting celeb guests | BRIAN MCEVOY

The 42-year-old admitted that she is looking forward to hosting the show as she has been a fan of it for years and thinks it is a really important event for Ireland.

“I’m so excited. I’ve been a massive fan of the IFTA’s for years.

“It shines a spotlight on Irish talent and this incredible industry all over the world, and people do fly in for it, people do see it as a very big important occasion,” she said.

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Fan: Amanda has been a massive fan of the IFTA’s for years | MICHAEL CHESTER

Speaking about the IFTAs audience being a particularly tough crowd after Laura Whitmore and Simon Delaney were blasted for their performance last year, Amanda doesn’t seem fazed by the pressure.

“It’s interesting because that was the only time that they had ever had technical difficulties in all of the 12 years, and people you know have mentioned it, but in 11 years it has been absolutely perfect.

“Every live show has a glitch every now and again. It’s going to be a brilliant and fun night,” she assured.

'Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie' films on Moore Street

Genius: Amanda said Brendan O’Carroll is a ‘genius’ as he is set to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award | VIPIRELAND.COM

Comedy genius Brendan O’Carroll is set to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the IFTA’s this year, and Amanda certainly agrees with the decision as she thinks he is ‘amazing’.

“He’s amazing. I mean the man is a genius. He’s got an IQ of something insane.

“He’s the perfect recipient for it,” she gushed.