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A teenage Bono admits he had: 'no real ambition'

Bono may be known as a rock legend now but the musician didn’t always know what the future had in store for him.

The rocker’s first ever interview was with his school magazine in 1977 and revealed that the talented musician had “no real ambition” as a teenager.

Before his Bono years, the Glasnevin native was known as Paul Hewson and admitted that wasn’t sure what his future career would be.

During the interview, the Dublin native admitted that he ‘lives each day as it comes’ with the interviewer commenting that “Paul’s career is as yet unknown to him.”


Bono: Teacher’s pet turned rock legend

The student magazine was rediscovered by his Mount Temple classmate Frank Kearns earlier this week.

The interview revealed that the legendary rocker was a prefect and teacher’s pet in his teenage years.

“Being a prefect meant Bono was one of the trusted students at the school but he never went mad on the power.”

“I remember him as being very encouraging and finding the positive in people” Frank told the Irish Sun.


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