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Aidan Turner spills the beans on his Poldark accent


Aidan Turner has revealed why his character Ross Poldark doesn’t speak with a Cornish accent.

According to the TV star, ┬áit’s because of his character’s public school education.

Although the BBC drama is based in Cornwall, the actor has admitted not doing the accent has made his life easier on set.

“Poldark is a Cornish character, but the family was wealthy and well respected, and Ross would have gone to public school, so he probably wouldn’t have had a Cornish accent,” he said.

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Accent: Aidan revealed why he hasn’t attempted a Cornish accent for his character Poldark | BBC

“It made more sense not to have it. And I’m sure it made my life easier!”

Despite never attempting a Cornish accent, the Dubliner believes he’d be able to pull it off.

“I’ve never really given the Cornish accent a proper go-through, and there is something about it that’s a little bit like Irish, so maybe it wouldn’t have been a million miles away from my own voice,” he told Radio Times.