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Eoghan McDermott hits back at Voice of Ireland critic


Eoghan McDermott has hit back at claims that The Voice of Ireland doesn’t produce talent that would appear on the Late Late Show.

Earlier this week, former musical director of the Late Late Show Frank McNamara had a pop at the reality show – insisting the show’s talent isn’t good enough to get a booking on the RTE stalwart.

Shocked by the statement, 2fm’s Eoghan backed the show’s four finalists ahead of this week’s finale.

“One thing I can say is that all four finalists are most definitely better than some of the vocalists that have given half-baked performances on the Late Late stage over the years,” he said.

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“Let’s not get into naming names, but there have been many a questionable rendition to match the big name home-runs.

“Kelesa and Laura are both as good a vocalist as the lovely and talented Andrea Corr for example, they just don’t have the songs yet,” he wrote in his Irish Sun column.

“Nigel is already a seasoned pro, and able to hold his own with the big boys. Young Michael didn’t have his finest performance last week but has been sufficiently super in previous weeks to waltz into the final.”

Answering back to the former musical director quips, the Voice of Ireland presenter stood up for 2015 winner Patrick Donoghue.


Voice of Ireland: Eoghan McDermott stood up for last year’s winner Patrick Donoghue

“Frank also pondered what was going on with last year’s winner. Allow me answer that. Two weeks ago he released his second single which went to No2 in the iTunes chart,” he said.

“You can only do one slot better than that. He’s also been to London several times with coach Una Healy and is laying the foundations for a real go.

“Maybe he’ll succeed, maybe he won’t, but Frank’s nostalgia-tinted glasses are playing tricks on him,” he added.

“The Late Late had classic performances,but it had its fair share of damp squibs too.”