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Jennifer Maguire: 'Some of the best presenters in RTE are women'

Jennifer Zamparelli has insisted RTE is leading the way for women in broadcasting.

With the appointment of Dee Forbes as the first ever female director general at the broadcaster, the radio star insisted women are holding their own in TV.

“Jesus Christ, you can’t get Kathryn Thomas off anything, she’s on everything at the minute,” she said.

RTE 2 new Season 2014/15 launch

Girl power: Jennifer insisted RTE is at the helm of women in media | VIPIRELAND.COM

“There are a lot of women on screen – look at Claire Byrne, look at Miriam O’Callaghan.

“Some of the best presenters in RTE are women, so I personally haven’t experienced sexism in that respect. Maybe other women have, but I haven’t,” she told the Herald.

Meanwhile, the Bridget and Eamon star revealed she is in negotiations about a new contract for her 2fm Breakfast Republic with Bernard O’Shea and Keith Walsh.

“We started on two-year contracts and now we’re in chats … but we’re not going anywhere. We are going to be staying with 2fm. It feels like home now,” she added.


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