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Is dot contouring the next big beauty trend?

As the saying goes a cheetah never changes it’s spots – until they blend it in…OK that’s not how the saying goes but it seems the wild cat has inspired a new form of contouring.

Dotting, the latest contour hack that’s appeared on social media, sees you placing your product in dots or spots instead of strokes.

In the Insta-clip, a model is elaborately covered in dots where you would normally apply your contour.

The make-up technique includes applying product and highlight to your neck, collarbones and cleavage as well as your face.

The new extreme contouring trend comes after catwalks were noticeably celebrating real skin this SS with multiple no-makeup looks.

Although we don’t know if we’ll be testing it out in Goss HQ, it’s weirdly mesmerising to watch.

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