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Is Storm Keating's real name Sharon? Jennifer Maguire thinks so


It turns out Storm Keating’s real name may be in fact – Sharon.

During a 2fm interview with RTE journalist and viral internet sensation Teresa Mannion, host Jennifer Maguire was shocked to discover Storm may not be the Aussie beauty’s real name.

Teresa explained while she was doing an interview with Good Morning Australia, the host told her the shocking secret.

“When I was doing Good Morning Australia, the presenter’s were chatting to me during the break and they were saying, ‘Do you kow Ronan Keating?'” she said.


Interview: Teresa Mannion was told Storm is not the Aussie producer’s real name

“‘He’s married to an Australian’ and I said ‘Oh yeah, Storm’ and they said that’s not her real name. There was a little bit of bitchiness there.”

Shocked to hear the news, Jennifer exclaimed: “We’ve got to find out her real name!” and went searching for the truth on Google and came up with a surprising result.

“Storm’s real name is in fact, Sharon. We think. I’ve been googling trying to find it, but it might be Sharon,” Jennifer said.


Radio: Jennifer revealed on air Storm’s real name may be Sharon

The former Republic of Telly star also took another swipe at Ronan Keating’s wife when the hosts joked Teresa should set up an annual storm festival to capitalize on her viral success.

“If only there was a celebrity named Storm who is desperate for the limelight who would want to be in it,” Jennifer joked.