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Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy to form supergroup


With constant rumours of a Westlife and Boyzone supergroup, now Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy have formed their own group Boyzlife.

In a project backed and funded by hotel group Hilton, the two will make fans dreams come true by taking to the stage to perform their former bands’ biggest hits.

The Call on Me Brother singer, who left Westlife in 2004, admitted he hopes more of the other members will join him and Keith.

”We all had a chat, the lads. We said it would be amazing. Not even just performing together, but can you imagine the craic?” Brian said.


Boyzlife: Brian McFadden confirmed he will form a supergroup with Keith Duffy | HARRY PAGE

“Nine of us Irish lads on a tour bus together, going round the world together. It would be absolute carnage. We all get on so well so you never know.

“We would have so much fun on tour. We could end up adding more people to the next one. Right now this is about me and Keith but the door is always open,” he told the Sun.

The talented duo will kick off their two-piece show in London on October 16 before doing 11 more gigs nationwide.


No limit: Keith revealed there’s “no limit” to what they’ll do with the new supergroup | ITV

Meanwhile, Boyzone singer Keith admitted there’s “no limit” to the new project including a possible documentary or new music.

”It might end up on TV and we’ll record a documentary of it. We might end up writing some songs together,” Keith explained.

“There’s no limit to this. We’re going out there with our ears and eyes open.”