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EXCLUSIVE! Daisy Ridley opens up about filming in Ireland: ‘We saw a lot of the pub’

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Daisy Ridley has opened up about her time filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Ireland – revealing she saw a lot of the pub, trying her first Guinness.

Speaking to, the British actress, who shot some of the film’s scene on Skellig Michael, admitted the cast and crew didn’t see much of the Emerald Isle apart from the inside of a pub.

“We visited the pub which was very nice. These little kids did There’s a Hole in My Bucket and it was actually the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” she said.

“I had my first Guinness, we had great food, people were very welcoming and we had these incredible Sherpas so we were all able to have a drink afterwards.”

Meanwhile, the newcomer, who was being honoured at the Oscar Wilde party in Santa Monica, starred alongside Domhnall Gleeson in the sci-fi flick and revealed she’d love to work with his dad, Brendan.

“[I like to work] with Brendan Gleeson, let’s keep it in the family,” she added.

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