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EXCLUSIVE! John Carney and Jack Reynor reveal how they directed Sing Street 'like a pair of stoners'

Director John Carney and actor Jack Reynor have revealed that they directed their new film Sing Street ‘like a pair of stoners’.

The film, which received rave reviews at Sundance Film Festival this year, is set in the 1980’s and naturally features a lot of 80’s grooves – and John revealed music is what inspired them on set, particularly American jazz rock band Steely Dan.

“We played a lot of Steely Dan,” Jack told


“It just got us in the mood so well, so we were both directing like a pair of stoners,” said John. 

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Stoners: John revealed his directing inspiration at the Sing Street premiere | BRIAN MCEVOY

“Jack brought Steely Dan, which is the ultimately cool, brilliant best band ever, and he would bring it to set everyday and just before going into scenes – we’d just listen to like Asia, Can’t Buy A Thrill.

“It was perfect for Jack’s character actually cause it was like good quality music, it wasn’t like Pink Floyd which is all totally drug-related.

“It was fantastic.” Jack added.

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Youngsters: The film was cast with a lot of teens – including the lead Ferdia | BRIAN MCEVOY

Sing Street’s 80’s story follows young teenager Conor (Ferdia) who starts a band, to try and find romance – mentored by his older brother (Jack), the 14-year-old starts to compose lyrics and find his band’s groove.

The film stars Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Jack Reynor, Aidan Gillen, and Mark McKenna among many others – but in general cast a majority of teenagers due to the nature of the film.

Speaking about having so many youngsters on set, John told, “It was great fun, it was lovely, it was like being back in school -except that everybody had to listen to me.”

Sing Street hits cinemas March 17.


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