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Nadia Forde: 'I'd strip-off for a movie if it was the right role'

Nadia Forde has admitted she wouldn’t rule out going nude for a part – if the right movie role came along.

The 26-year-old model is rumoured to be in the final rounds of castingĀ for the new Baywatch film and insisted she understands she might be typecast because of her model background.

“If it was the right one, yeah I would. If Martin [Scorsese] wants to call me,” she said.

The Pride of Ireland Awards 2015

Birthday suit: Nadia revealed she’d strip down for a role if the right film came along | VIPIRELAND.COM

“But I’m also really practical about what roles I am going to get.

“Coming from the background that I have as well, I’m certainly not going to dive into a very serious role straight away,” she told the Mirror.

“It would have to be the right thing. But I’m not very confident with no clothes on, so it would be a massive deal.

“I could say it now and then when the time comes I’d be like, ‘Oh I don’t know about that’,” she added.

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Kiss: Nadia revealed Dominic was jealous when he realised she had to kiss an actor in her audition | INSTAGRAM

Meanwhile, the Dubliner admitted her Welsh rugby player boyfriend Dominic Day got jealous when he realised she would have to kiss another actor in an audition.

“I think the direction in the script was, ‘She kisses him, full stop. Hard, full stop’,” she explained.

“And Dom was like ‘What’s hard? How hard do you want to kiss him?'”

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