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Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis could make MAJOR cash on their romance

CBB stars Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis are set to cash in on their relationship, and could potentially earn big bucks from their heavily documented romance.

The pair controversially got together in the Big Brother house, despite the ex Hollyoaks actress being in a relationship with British model Sam Reece, but are now together with Stephanie taking a trip to Dublin to see Jeremy earlier this week.

According to PR guru Rob Cooper, the couple could make bank on their relationship, especially if they had their own reality show.

“A Jordan and Peter style reality series with a good network could earn them around £50k per season,” he said.


Making bank: The pair fell in love in the Big Brother house

“I’ve booked countless celebrities to events across the country, and in all honesty – both Stephanie and Jeremy would struggle to get a lot of bookings without their romance.

“However, I would say that Jeremy should be looking at a fee of around £1.5k for a 15min appearance and Stephanie around £2k -£2.5k, however, get the pair in the same venue should cost around £5k – £7k for 15min.”

“If their romance is played right in public view, with each occasion offered to the media, they could make atleast £250k in the next 3 months,” he explained.

Jeremy McConnell Cooke Photoshoot EXCL

Millions: If Jeremy and Stephanie last – he could make millions | VIPIRELAND.COM

Rob also admitted that whether they break up or not, the CBB stars will make a decent amount of cash, however, if their romance goes on for years and involves marriage and babies further down the line – they could be seeing millions in their bank accounts.

“Viewers would buy into everything, from their first date night, their Valentines weekend together, holidays on sandy beaches, engagements and so on, making the pair a decent amount of cash.

“If however, their romance is short lived, a public break up could potentially make them in the region of a £100k.

“My estimate is their romance could earn them around half a million in the first year, but if it’s a true fairly tale and goes on for years, with children, marriages and so on, they could make millions as long as they keep the public entertained,” he added.


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