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11 Valentine's Day gift ideas for the man in your life

Whether you’re into it or not, Valentine’s Day is coming and with less then two weeks away it’s time to start thinking about what to get the man in your life.

There’s something for every man whether you want to splurge or perhaps you might just want to give him a token of your affection.

If he’s into the gym or likes a bit of pampering, Goss.ie have combed the shops to bring you the best gift ideas:


1. Kissable lips


The chances are pretty likely you’re going to be doing some smooching given the day that’s in it so why don’t you make sure that your fella’s lips are as kissable as possible.

Not only is this slightly a present from me to me but it does help the men in your life combat that demon of chapped lips during winter.

Grab this very manly looking lipbalm from L’Occitane for €8.50…your welcome.


2. Under his clothes


Valentine’s Day isn’t only about women receiving some saucy items for the bedroom but men deserve the same sentiment.

Whether you’re dying to throw out that pair of hole ridden under garments from his wardrobe or are eyeing up to wear a pair of his than this is the time to invest in some boxers.

Get your boyfriend channelling David Beckham this Valentine’s day as H&M once again have teamed up with the British star for his SS16 collection.

Bodywear by Beckham focus’ on the loungewear and underwear for men with saucy boxer’s from his range starting from €19.99 or €29.99 for a set of three.



3. All the right smelling notes


Of course there’s nothing better than a great smelling man on your arm so why don’t you take the lead and pick up a bottle of the smelly stuff for your beau.

Let this be the opportunity to pick-out what you want your love to smell like and treat him to a great aftershave.

Goss.ie definitely recommends YSL L’Homme to make sure your lover is on scent for €59.



4. Razor that

unnamed (1)

If your man is in need of some pampering and a shave than a new razor is exactly what he needs to be on fleek for your love-filled festivities.

Perhaps your beau is one of the many men in Ireland courting the must-have male accessory, facial hair – so a good razor is what you need to save your face from a case of beard rash.

If this all sounds too familiar than pick up Gillette ProShield for €19.99.


5. Dinner’s a winner


If the way to your love’s heart is through his stomach than treat him to a delicious dinner.


Valentine’s presents don’t necessarily have to be used on the day itself (who else could deal with being crammed into a restaurant playing elbow tennis with the diner beside you) but could be kept for another date night.

There’s so many great restaurants to try but if he’s a meat-lover head to the Morrison Grill for a saliva inducing steak or if he’s more into seafood then skip along to The Seafood Bar by Wrights of Howth.


6. Pamper package


The harsh winter can be cruel to your man’s skin so why don’t you give him the push he needs with a hamper of products to pamper himself.


Exfoliating is key to keeping his skin supple this year so go further and add a moisturiser to create a set for your love.

Goss.ie thinks you’re man will get the results you want with the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment and Scrub starting from €25.50 and €21 respectively.

They’ll even do gift wrapping in store so you don’t have to worry about it.



7. A mates day out


Not everything for Valentine’s Day has to be about both of you doing something together so why don’t you be the awesome girlfriend and organise a game of footgolf for him and his mates.

Footgolf is the genius game that combines both popular sports, football and golf, which asks players to use a football instead of clubs for 18 holes.

Think about it, you get an afternoon free to do you while he goes off with the lads and comes back absolutely chuffed.


There’s different courses around the country with number around Dublin and prices starting from €10 per adult.

You know what they say a happy man, is a…erm we’re not quite sure but it’s great for everyone involve.


8. Watch out

thomas sabo

Perhaps you’re wanting to go all out for your loved-one this Valentine’s Day and if that’s the case you can’t go much further than a bit of wrist bling.


Making sure your man is always on time, gift your boyfriend or husband a watch to show how much you care.

Goss HQ has been eyeing up this Thomas Sabo Eternal Rebel chrono mesh black watch for some time (pun definitely intended) for €298.

9. Running around


With sports gear becoming so popular in and out of the gym, a new pair of kicks could be the gift you need to give on February 14th.


Depending on what your man will need them for, there’s no going wrong with a present of runners to show your appreciation.

Life Style Sports have been killing it on the fitness front recently and these Nike Free 5.0 are slick for €120.


10. Play that


Although Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to update your man’s wardrobe or treat him to a pamper seesion, maybe your love just isn’t into preening himself like a cast member of Geordie Shore.


However, if gaming is his thing why don’t you treat the man in your life to a new game for his console.

Whether it’s Xbox, Playstation or his PC, there’s bound to be a game to tickle his fancy at GameStop.


11. Sweeten him up


Chocolates always seem like a Valentine’s Day staple but maybe this year is the perfect time to try something different.

Doughnuts have become a staple of the Irish food scene with new specialised Doughnut shop Aungier Danger.

If chocolate isn’t his thing then get him a box of love-inspired doughnut treats to fatten him up.

Sure nothing says ‘I love you’ like a red velvet doughnut filled with cream cheese!

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