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Lorraine Keane: 'I would've hosted Xpose part-time if the option was there'


Lorraine Keane has revealed that she would have loved to have stayed on Xpose as a part-time presenter like Karen Koster.

The former TV3 host sensationally departed the programme in 2009 after having been the lead anchor since the show debuted in 2007.

Lorraine has now admitted she would have stayed on in a reduced capacity but the option wasn’t there for her.

“I think had I been able to job-share or work less hours, then it would have been something to consider at the time,” she said.

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Old days: Lorraine left Xpose in 2009 to raise her family | VIPIRELAND.COM

“It was really hard. The juggle is a struggle. My girls, at the time, were only three and six, so for me, the demands on me were huge.”

“With my family being so small, it just wasn’t doable at the time,” she told The Herald.

The UTV Ireland presenter explained that the rules were different in her day but she’s delighted that current anchor Karen has the option to return to work part-time.

“I was staffed, so it was a very difficult decision to leave my own show – that I had done from the very start – as well as my TV3 family,” she said.

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TV: Lorraine is thrilled for Karen that she can still host the show part-time | BRIAN MCEVOY

“It’s all different now to when I was there, and I think that it’s wonderful that those kind of options are available now.”

“I’m delighted for Karen that she was able to go back on the three-day week,” she added.

Meanwhile, the TV star has a new show coming up with UTV Ireland.

The mum-of-two will host a celeb based show where she will take to the road to interview the rich and famous.