Home Movie Room SOARS at the US box office after four Oscar nominations

Room SOARS at the US box office after four Oscar nominations


Following a massive four Academy Award nominations, Lenny Abrahamson’s Room has soared at the US box office.

The movie added a further 205 screens across America on the weekend following their Oscar success.

The massive expansion has meant the movie grossed a further $700,000 and experienced a 504 per cent increase in box office takings.


Success: Room has soared at the box office in America

Due to the phenomenal demand from audience goers, Room will now expand it’s cinema screenings in Ireland by 50 per cent.

“We are still processing last week’s brilliant news about Brie’s Golden Globe win and the 4 Oscar nominations,” producer Ed Guiney said.

“While these accolades are amazing in themselves, their impact on the box office of the film can be seen this past weekend in the 500% increase in US box office and the stellar opening numbers in Ireland and the UK.”

Irish Premiere of Room

Movie: Room will expand its Irish screenings by 50 per cent | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Congrats to all our distributors; A24, Studio Canal and our own team at Element Pictures Distribution.”

It comes after director  Lenny Abrahamson admitted he thought he misheard my name when he was nominated for an Oscar.