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Brian Gleeson: 'Having Brendan Gleeson as a dad did me no harm in the industry'


Brian Gleeson has admitted he feels blessed to have both his dad and brother in the acting industry so he can get acting advice.

The Rebellion star, has had big movie roles in Snow White and the Huntsman as well as the highly anticapated Assassin’s Creed, revealed the positives out weigh the negatives of having family in the same industry.

“When I first started out I’m sure it didn’t do any harm,” he said.

A screening of "The Stag' at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

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“Some people might not want to cast you because they think you’re just there because of who your family is.

“For me, it evens out. I’m very grateful because I get to read scripts with them and bounce ideas off them,” he told The Irish Sun.

Meanwhile, the Malahide native previously revealed that his grandfather played a part in the Easter Rising.