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Top 21 Irish Fitness Instagrams To Follow

The colder months are fast approaching and all we want to do is cuddle under a blanket, forgetting about the world outside.

But it is so vital that we get up and get fit with so many Irish TDs complaining about the growing obesity problem in Ireland – we’re all guilty of choosing a pizza over a salad for dinner.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to think of the treats or rewards at the end of a workout session – a nice cup of tea, a chocolate bar, new shoes or even that pizza.

If you’re looking for inspiration to get you up and moving, look no further than this list of Goss.ie‘s favourite 15 fitness Instagrams.

1. Siobhan O’Hagen

Siobhan O’Hagen’s is one of Ireland most popular fitness bloggers.

Her blog Oh Fitness teaches her followers how to stay fit and eat right with her personal training and nutrition knowledge.

If you’re just looking for someone to give you a kick to get going to a gym, just have a browse over her Instagram and see her amazing transformation photos.

2. Rob Lipsett

Personal trainer Rob Lipsett is one of Ireland’s top trainers and owns his own personal fitness company, Lipsett Fitness.

The Dublin native is just 24 years old but was announced this year as Body Power Expo’s Breakthrough Athlete Of The Year and a brand ambassador for My Protein.

Rob also has his own YouTube channel where he shows off his work outs and his daily life including some envious trips away.


3. Sarah Godfrey

If you’re a fan of Rob, you might recognise his girlfriend Sarah Godfrey from a few of his videos and snaps.

The 23-year-old has a strong following online as she progresses her fitness journey.

Like Rob, she is also a brand ambassador for My Protein and has travelled to different countries including the states to represent them.

The Dublin native had a huge amount of new followers this weekend after uploading a revealing video blog to her YouTube channel about how she struggled with her body and what made her change her attitude.


4. Orla Hopkins

The expectant mother is showing mums-to-be that you can remain fit while pregnant.

Not only is she a busy mum but Orla Hopkins is a dancer and a fitness competitor.

She was the winner of Female Fitness at the 2013 FitEx bodybuilder competition.

5. Georgia Hickey

This is what 6 months of hard work, dedication and a change in attitude gets you ??? Maria from @mrsdillons_diary started with my 6 week bikini babes plan in March and then moved onto a personalised 12 week coaching plan. She has still had her holidays, special occasions and events but she had learned how to treat them as that and to move forward from the treats without that feeling of guilt. It is a complete mindset change and positive attitude that has got her to where she is now. I’m so proud of her! Tomorrow Maria will be taking over my Snapchat (UN: GeorgiasFitLife) to give you an insight into what it’s like to be on my online coaching – a full day of eating, tips and tricks she’s learnt along the way, so if you’re at all interested in learning about my Online Coaching from a client’s perspective be sure to watch my story tomorrow ? While she takes over mine I’ll be on her Snapchat giving out some tips and tricks and answering any gym or food related questions so if you have any make sure to add Maria on Snapchat (UN: mrspdilly2b) and send me your questions tomorrow when I do the takeover!

A photo posted by Georgia Hickey?GeorgiasFitLife (@georgiasfitlife) on

A qualified fitness trainer, Georgia Hickey has proven that hard work in the gym and clean eating really does pay off.

She is the owner of Better Than Yesterday Fitness and has an online coaching programme speciallty tailored to her clients’ needs.


Georgia also has a Youtube channel to keep her followers up to date with her fitness journey and day to day life.

6. Claire McGrath

A former Miss Fitness Ireland, Claire McGrath’s Instagram is sure to make you feel motivated.

The strong woman is also a yoga and gymnastics teacher as well as a fitness and crossfit trainer – and to top it off, she’s even a life coach.


But her life doesn’t totally revolve around fitness and well-being, she’s also a graphic designer.

7. Mark O’Dwyer


A photo posted by Mark O’Dwyer (@markodwyer23) on

Mark O’Dwyer is a personal trainer but focuses heavily on strength and conditioning.

Owner of Movement By MOD, the majority of his clients are women with one of his most popular courses is The Female Strength Project where he coaches women to be stronger, not just lose weight.

His Instagram shows his determination to get fit and how important it is to train – even with a broken arm!


8. Brian Lee

Owner and managing Director of Chopped and FIT Studios, Brian Lee’s life has to be one of the most health focused ones out there.

A personal trainer and entrepreneur, the Dubliner stays lean and fit using his own gyms and eating out of his own business.

Just one scroll through his Instagram will not only motivate you to run to the gym but you’ll feel that spark of creative innovation in you.


9. Annie Kirwan

Annie Kirwan’s mantra is ‘Health For Now, Health For Your Future’ and she definitely lives by it.

A pilates coach in Platinum Pilates, she shows her progress on her Instagram learning new techniques and what she eats.

Annie also has a Masters in Molecular Immunology which has helped her understand the healing capacity of the body.


10. Jay Robinson

The head has been down and the focus has been on ME. You know you’re doing it right when the training drive is still up. Nothing has been chore. Show number 3 of the season coming up tomorrow! Can’t wait to see the showdown in the Mr Class(s) Serious competition this year! If you aren’t up to anything and having a lazy Sunday get over to the olympia theatre for an unreal show ?? ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #jayrobinsonfitness #aesthetics #enjoytheprocess #iifym #inspiration #irishfitfam #strictnotrestricted #dedication #discipline #desire #ukfitfam #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #bodybuilding #naturalbodybuilding #foodporn #flexibledieting #instahealth #instafitness #nutrition #picoftheday #abs #nbfi #wnbf #nabba #gymlife #flyefit

A photo posted by Jay Robinson (@jayrob1502) on

Not only this year’s overall Natural Mr Ireland winner, Jay Robinson is the four times undisputed champion of Natural Junior Mr Ireland 2013 to 2016.

The champ’s Instagram is full of snaps from his various competitions but as well he shows off his training sessions and cheeky cheat day feeds.

Jay is also one of Flyefit Gyms’ most experienced personal trainers so if you fancy a training session with him, you can check out his profile here.


11. John Kavanagh

Few rounds with the champ @thenotoriousmma Now off to #UFC200

A photo posted by Coach Kavanagh (@coach_kavanagh) on

One of the best fitness Instagrams to follow has to be Coach John Kavanagh’s.

Friend and coach of MMA star Conor McGregor, the Dubliner set up and owns Straight Blast Gym and is working on his autobiography.

From behind the scene snaps of Conor’s training to the lads hanging out in Las Vegas, John is also sure to show his pride for his other clients and the fun he has thanks to his determination and hard work.

12. Sarah Moloney

Wish I could tell you’s all how amazing I feel but to be honest the last two days I just wanted to take a serious mental break from it all? My head is running WILD with prep and how close show day is (9DAYSS from show no.1?) I always get stressed out when I have a huge to do list with what I need to book, pack and all that fun stuff? So I needed to take a break and switch things up and decided spur of the moment to go into town and train instead of my usually ritual and WAS IT NEEDED?? Felt amazing switching things up and being in a different environment. Getting myself excited now buying jewellery for the show and ticking off a few boxes from my to do list?? Time to be positive and enjoy the next few weeks I have left on prep before a well needed break❤️

A photo posted by Sarah Moloney (@sarstri) on

Sarah Moloney is a personal trainer and general fitness fanatic.

She’s also won multiple awards including first place in the Miss Bikini competition at the Xthetics Fitness Showcase.


On her Instagram, you can be sure to find progress photos and her daily meals but she’s also incredibly honest about when the bad days hit and she lacks motivation – just like us all.

13. Neal Dempsey

When he’s not working as a firefighter and paramedic, Neal Dempsey is also running his own gym Abs Solution Fitness just a stone’s throw from Phoenix Park.

From hosting workouts in the park with Innocent Coconut Water to tackling workouts with his multiple clients in the gym, Neal is a man who promotes exercise in any place at any time.


Be sure to check out his Instagram for client progress pics, food and his darling baby that’s on the way.

14. Maeve Madden

Maeve Madden is a model, actress and blogger but is also a inspirational fitness fanatic.

The Down native admitted to Goss.ie that she was told she was too skinny for jobs before but is now being told she’s too athletic – though that hasn’t curbed her enthusiasm for staying lean and fit.

Her Instagram is filled with gorgeous snaps from her daily life as well as some seriously fab #fitspo pics.


15. Ciara Hyland

If you still don’t feel inspired to get up and get fit, Ciara Hyland is sure to make you feel motivated.

A competitor in multiple bikini competitions, she can also pass on her fitness knowledge to you as she’s also a personal trainer.

Just a quick scroll on her Instagram show’s how hard she works on her body and that you can still enjoy the odd treat while staying fit.


16. Joanne Larby

A photo posted by Joanne Larby (@makeupfairypro) on

Known more for her beauty tips, blogger Joanna Larby is showing her incredible drive towards fitness as well.

Sharing her daily workouts on her Snapchat she also shares many of her latest gym gear bits and healthy snacks on her Instagram.

Making sure to tell her followers not to follow her regime as she is working with a personal trainer, Joanne still motivates her followers to get whipped into shape.


17. Roz Purcell

Former Miss Universe Ireland Roz Purcell has been kicking butt in both the kitchen and the gym.

From boxing to hikes to a few hard hitting training sessions, the model has experimented with various exercise styles.

Not only that but as a trained nutritionist she also keeps her diet in check and follows her own recipes from her cookbook Nautral Born Feeder.


18. Sophie Kavanagh

Personal trainer to stars like Holly Carpenter, Sophie Kavanagh is one of the most popular personal trainers in Ireland.

Her Instagram is serious #fitspo from sharing photos from her daily works to competitions she’s taken part in.

She also posts some food porn pictures that are very drool worthy.

19. Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams is not only a talented DJ, model, presenter and winner of Bear Grylls: Mission Survive but she is giving fitness fanatics around the world a run for their morning.


The former Fade Street star works out every day – even after a night out Vogue will Snapchat herself up bright and early in the gym.

For those who don’t fancy spending a couple hundred a year on a gym membership, just have a look at some of the Dubliner’s videos on Instagram to inspire a workout.

20. Ursula Walsh

Ursula Walsh, who runs Mom Fitness Diary, is not only a busy mum but also a qualified health and nutrition coach.


On her website, the fitness guru revealed that she had struggled with weight in the past but found her passion when she was pregnant with her first child.

Her colourful Instagram is filled with inspiring workouts, gym clothing hauls and some tasty meals that will make you run to the local farmers market.

21. Deric O’Hartigan

TV3 weatherman Deric O’Hartagain is a serious advocate of fitness and has inspired many others.

On his Snapchat he shares snaps daily of his followers who have sent him photos of the High 5K – a campaign the TV star is involved in to motivate people to get up and run.

On his Instagram, you can also see his other fitness interests such as swimming and the gym.

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