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The Top 15 Celeb Twitter FEUDS


Hot off the tails of not one but TWO Twitter spats involving Taylor Swift, we’ve been looking back at the most salacious and outrageous online celeb battles to date.

Few things are more entertaining than when celebrities take to the fighting pits of Twitter.

From embarrassing spats to serious shade, we’ve listed the 15 incredible celebrity twitter burns.

Take a look:

1. Louis Tomlinson vs. Zayn Malik


Tensions escalated between the former One Direction band-mates after Zayn quit the group.

Louis made a dig at Zayn’s new producer Naughty Boy after he accused Louis of using too much autotune.

Then Zayn stepped in – telling Louis to get a life. Ouch.

2. Ciara vs. Rihanna

The row between these pop queens started after Ciara went on the U.S. TV show Fashion Police and said Rihanna was chilly in person.

“I ran into her recently at a party,’ she said. “She wasn’t the nicest.”

Rihanna jumped to twitter to retaliate with some brutal burns.

3. Wiz Khalifa vs. Kanye

This disjointed mess happened after Wiz made some indirect tweets about Kanye – and made the mistake of mentioning “kk” – which Kanye interpreted as being about his girl Kim Kardashian.

That set him off into a 26-tweet-long tirade, which he has mostly deleted, but some quick twitter users screenshot the highlights.

But Kanye made the terrible mistake of mentioning his “stripper” ex Amber Rose…

4. Amber Rose vs. Kanye

TMI! Amber Rose hit back at Kanye with the force of a hurricane. A hurricane of unnecessarily specific sexual details.

Her hashtags make it that much crazier. Moral of the story – don’t mess with Amber Rose on social media.

Twitter’s reaction to the Kanye storm was priceless. “Live look at Kanye’s publicist” a user tweeted:

5. Lorde vs. Diplo

This one’s a classic.

After Diplo mocked Taylor Swift’s figure, Lorde swooped in to counterattack.

Who knew the chill teenager had such fire up her sleeve?

6. J.K. Rowling vs. internet troll

It’s never a good idea to test your wit against a best selling author. J.K. Rowling delivered this stunning smackdown after an internet troll shot off this middle school insult: “F*ck off you Labour C**T.

All you lefties are finished in this country, especially you JK bitchface.”

J.K., of course, destroyed him with style.

7. Chris Brown vs. Frankie Boyle

Wow…This burn is a real scorcher.

The Scottish comedian made this pointed jab at Chris Brown, referencing Chris’s past abuse of Rihanna.

8. Kim K. vs. Chloe Grace Moretz

Kim clapped back hard at Chloe, after the young actress criticized a nude selfie Kim posted on Twitter with this tweet:

“-just our bodies” Chloe finished in her next tweet. Shots fired.

9. Calvin Harris vs. Taylor Swift


Calvin started his string of tweets by complementing Taylor’s lyrical skill…then started throwing serious shade. 

Calvin is referencing the reveal that Taylor contributed to his hit This is What You Came For.

He even brought up Tay’s beef with Katy Perry – and finished off with a passive aggressive “God bless.”

10. Ariana Grande vs. Giovanna Plowman

Giovanna took a swing at pop princess Ariana – apparently forgetting how she herself got famous. Oops.

11. Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj

In possibly the nicest twitter feud ever, Nicki made a comment about how thin women are glorified in the music industry.

Taylor thought the tweet was directed at her – but Nicki soon reminded Tay that they’re both on the same team.

Girl power for the win!

12. Adam Levine vs. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga slammed Adam’s condescending tweet with effortless snark.

This one is short and bitter sweet

13. Kanye vs. Jimmy Kimmel

We sense a pattern here…

Kanye West dove headfirst into a classic all caps Kanye rant. His target: Jimmy Kimmel, who spoofed the rapper on his show. Jimmy took it all in stride, while Kanye provided us with a hilariously out of control string of tweets.

Kanye – the ultimate Twitter troll?

14. Madeleine Albright vs. Conan O’Brien

The first female American Secretary of State smoothly took down late night host Conan on Twitter.

Absolutely brutal!

15. Calvin Harris vs. Zayn Malik

Ah, these two again.

Zayn delivered this zinger during a bizarre twitter feud with the Scottish DJ that started with artist royalties and ended in personal attacks.

I guess Zayn thinks being 30-something is ancient.