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The Top 100 Irish Digital Influencers Of 2016


Here at Goss.ie we have been supporting the best and brightest of the expanding digital world, from best Snapchat stars, bloggers, Youtubers and more.

We’ve started to become known for our stellar lists of the best people in the business, so now we have complied the ultimate list for our readers.

Every Tweet, Snapchat, digital article, viral video, Instagram and Facebook post has led to this very moment.

From media moguls building digital empires to the best of the best of social media, here’s the Top 100 Digital Influencers in Ireland right now.

1. Suzanne Jackson

Probably one of Ireland’s original digital influencers, Suzanne Jackson has had thousands of people following her since the summer of 2010.

After working in a radio station as a receptionist for years, the brunette left the regular working world to write on her blog full-time, and boy has it paid off.

Six years later Sue has a full makeup range – including a nail range, eyelash range and contour range, two best-selling books and sell-out workshops all around the country.

Items she shares on her Instagram and Snapchat go flying out the door – and that’s why so many brands work with the blogging queen.

2. Pippa O’Connor

Brian McEvoy

Originally known for being a top Irish model, Pippa O’Connor completely turned her image around when she became a digital influencer.


Starting Pippa.ie, the blonde quickly became the go-to woman for makeup, hair, fashion and anything to do with motherhood.

Pippa has also grown her brand extensively over the years and has a best-selling Pippa Palette, a book on the way and we’re sure there’s more to come.

3. Joanne Larby

Another beauty blogger to add to our list is Joanne Larby aka The Makeup Fairy.


The makeup artist turned her life around when she started blogging full time.

She also has a best selling book out, Fairy Tales, and is constantly working with huge brands on collaborations.

4. Amy Huberman

She’s a best-selling author, shoe designer as well as actress and writer – but one thing is for sure Amy Huberman is Ireland’s sweetheart.

People still can’t get their head wrapped around the ‘Amy Effect’ which sees anything she wears completely sell out, never mind her own shoe collection with Bourbon flying off the shelves.


Not only do we love what she wears, Irish people hang on her every word from her ridiculous Instagram posts to her hilarious Tweets she shares with her 315k followers.

With two new shows coming out on RTE and a movie in the making Amy is about to get even more influencial.

5. Marissa Carter

Another fierce lady to add to our list is Cocoa Brown owner Marissa Carter.

The former beauty parlour owner and makeup artist won Goss Girl Boss Of The Year at The Gossies 2016, and her following has grown immensely in the last year.


You can expect everything on her social media channels (mainly Snapchat) from tips on beauty, style, fashion, motherhood and business of course.

6. Erika Fox (aka Retro Flame)

She’s newer to the game than the last three but Erika Fox has completely taken over the younger market.

The Kerry native moved to New York to pursue her dreams and so far so good.


After working in social media for years in the Big Apple, the red-head finally left her job to blog full time.

Erika has a ridiculous following on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter and we can only see bigger and better things to come for this lady.

7. Rosemary MacCabe

She has been writing for years, probably the most experienced writer on this entire list, but it’s the last two years that have really seen the rise of Rosemary MacCabe.


The outspoken blogger has quickly become one of Ireland’s biggest digital influencers – from speaking to her followers about working out, fashion and beauty.

Rosemary is also extremely honest when it comes to sharing content – and she’ll always let you know if she’s being paid.

#Ad #Spon…

8. James Patrice

Photo: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

He started out as one of Ireland’s Snapchat kings – and since his rise to fame James has worked with a number of top brands.


From shooting videos for the Aviva, to working with Sprite, James is carving out a huge career for himself.

James continues to make us laugh on Snapchat, but is still a top blogger and TV presenter too (where does his talent end?).

9. James Kavanagh

Picture:Brian McEvoy

Another Snapchat God is James Kavanagh – and he has made a serious impact in the influencers market this year.


The former PR Executive packed his job in to focus on his own career and using Snapchat as a launch pad James has now launched his own food company Currabinny.

James has also appeared on radio stations, RTE’s Taste of Success and more – plus he’s been working with top brands too.

10. Rosie Connolly

Rosie Connolly | Brian McEvoy

One of Ireland’s leading makeup artists Rosie Connolly burst onto the scene in the last year.


The stunning mum-of-one has a hugely popular Snapchat account, and is best known for her makeup tutorials and motherhood advice.

She was one of the first influencers to sign with Andrea Roche’s Influencers agency, and we’re expecting a lot more from her in the coming year.

11. Leanne Woodful

One of Ireland’s original bloggers – Leanne Woodful has had a stellar career since her teenage years.


The Dublin fashion student has an incredible following on her blog thunder and threads as well as across all of her social media channels.

Leanne always speaks her mind and showcases her funky style in fashion posts.

12. Grace Mongey

. Picture:Brian McEvoy

Faces by Grace has been a huge hit over the last year.

Grace Mongey started off as a makeup artist – but eventually left her full time job to focus on blogging.

Definitely one of Ireland’s leading influencers, Grace is now expecting her first baby and she’s been showing off her maternity style online.


13. Anouska

Another top Irish blogger on our list is the fabulous Anouska.

The Dublin-based influencer has is all in awe of her photography and world travels on her blog.

The brunette has a popular #AnouskaTravels series across her social media platforms, and just watch some of her UnBoxing videos – the Chanel one is just WOW.

14. Paddy Cosgrave and Daire Hickey

One of the biggest success stories to come out of Ireland in the last few years is the Web Summit, and that’s why both Paddy Cosgrave and Daire Hickey deserve a place on this list.


These two have single handidly brought some of the biggest companies, entreprenuers and start ups together and have helped some of the biggest investment deals of the digital age happen – and all in Dublin.

Paddy and Daire are next bringing the Web Summit to Lisbon, and while some weren’t too happy to hear the Summit was being taken out of Ireland, I think it’s incredible to see a company expand so rapidly.

Each year they bring the best of the digital world together, and this November will be no different.


15. Conor McGregor


He’s not a blogger, Instagram star or Youtuber – but Conor McGregor is definitely one of Ireland’s most influential people.

A single tweet from Conor this year hinting that he was retiring from MMA sent the internet into overload, with his name trending within minutes.

His new website themaclife.com has created a new hub for the fighter to share insights into his life.


He’s already made friends with Justin Timberlake, JLO and Rihanna – so not only is he influential here, he’s influential world wide.

16. Holly Carpenter

Model, Columnist and Snapchat queen Holly Carpenter has seen her profile grow even further in the last year.

The former Miss Ireland pretty much broke the internet when a blog post on what girls ‘really mean’ with their Snapchats went viral.


Kris Jenner and Ashton Kutcher were just some of the celebs who shared her post – and since then Holly has been working with big brands.

17. Rob Kenny

Rob Kenny

Another big Snapchat star of 2016 is Rob Kenny.

The stylist, PR Guru and all-round gas man has seen his profile seriously rise in the last year.

From creating his own music videos in the forest to sharing hilarious moments from his day-to-day life, Rob has everyone giggling.


He’s another influencer that has been working with more and more brands.

18. Terri McEvoy

One of Ireland’s top influencers doesn’t even live in the country anymore – but she’s still got an incredible following.

Terri moved to Australia but has kept an enormous Irish following.

From travel posts to makeup and fashion posts – she is a must follow.

She recently teamed up with Cocoa Brown Tan for their Australia brand launch and more brands are looking to work with the brunette.

19. Blindboy Boatclub

The Rubberbandits have always been huge, but in the last year star of the band Blindboy Boatclub has become particularly influential.


The Limerick comedian proved he is much more than that, after intelligently debating the issues with millennials on the Late Late Show – which led to people calling for Blindboy to become the next president of Ireland.

Blindboy is always open about mental health issues in Ireland and reaches millions of people through all of The Rubberbandits’ social media accounts.

20. Roz Purcell

Picture: Brian McEvoy

Tipperary model turned blogger turned best-selling author Roz Purcell is definitely one of Ireland’s most influential people.


The Natural Born Feeder creator has gone from posing in magazines to building her own empire – and it’s been a huge success.

From a best-selling book, to working with fitness brands, Roz has completely changed her image and people are loving it.

21. Laura Whitmore

Phil Lewis/WENN.com

Bray native Laura Whitmore has always been one of Ireland’s most influential stars.

But 2016 has propelled her further into the spotlight – after leaving MTV News, Laura said goodbye to I’m A Celebrity to work on new ventures.


Already Laura has signed up to Strictly Come Dancing and she’s an early favourite with viewers.

Plus her style is on fleek!

22. Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams has gone from Fade Street star and model to DJ and TV presenter – and her profile is continuing to grow.

The Dublin native has become one of Ireland’s top influencers, with a huge following across her social media accounts.


Vogue is always busy shooting her next TV series or working on her next shoot.

We love her street-style shots too, we want what she has!

23. Rosanna Davison

Rosanna Davison | Brian McEvoy

Rosanna Davison has always been one of Ireland’s most influential people, but in the last year especially her online presence has soared.

The former Miss World has her successful website rosannadavisonnutrition.com where she shares fitness tips, recipes and more.


After launching her best-selling book Eat Yourself Beautiful, her next book Eat Yourself Fit will be out soon.

24. Niall Horan

One Direction star Niall Horan is one of the most influential people in the WORLD let alone in Ireland.

The Mullingar musician shot to fame after entering the X Factor in 2010 and now his online influence is outstanding.


On Twitter alone Niall is the most followed Irish person, with 26.4 million people watching his every move.

25. Riyadh Khalaf

Popular YouTube star Riyadh Khalaf has seen his profile explode in the last year.

The former radio broadcaster has seen some of his videos go insanely viral – with YouTube themselves sharing his videos.

In May 2016 one video about how he came out to his dad reached 1,682,212 views (so far and counting).


26. Michelle Regazolli

Top makeup artist Michelle Regazolli has gained a huge online presence in the last year.

The Dubliner is known for painting the faces of some of Ireland’s most glamorous stars – including Rosanna Davison’s.

Known as MRS Makeup, Michelle has a stellar list of high-profile clients and is often on TV3 for makeup and style segments.


27.Louise O’Reilly

Top Irish curvy model Louise O’Reilly has grown her online following thanks to her stellar modelling work and her blog.

The blonde beauty is one of Europe’s leading plus-size models and recently landed the front cover of Ireland’s U magazine – which got an extremely positive reaction.

Her blog Style Me Curvy is a huge hit here and across the water and her Instagram is growing and growing.


28. Louise Cooney

Limerick girl Louise Cooney has become a favourite in the blogging world.

The marketing graduate lives and works in Dublin now, but we’re pretty sure she’ll be able to focus on her blog full-time soon.

The blonde is best known for her fashion posts and street-style shots… she’ll have you lusting after the latest collections.

29. Emma O’Farrell

If you’ve heard of BloggerConf than you’ve heard of Emma O’Farrell.

The young entrepreneur has brought some of Ireland’s leading digital influencers together for hugely successful conferences – which included huge companies like Google, Canon and LinkedIn at her last seminar.


With a new conference in November just announced this is only the beginning for the events manager.

30. Lisa Jordan

Cork blogger Lisa Jordan is another top Irish influencer.

Her blog justjordan.ie is hugely popular, and she has gained following on her Snapchat and Instagram accounts too.

The  professional makeup artist and fashion & image consultant is now expecting her first baby and has been sharing her pregnancy tips with her followers.


31. Sarah Hanrahan

Another top blogger to make our list is Sarah Hanrahan.

Her blog icomeundone.com is a lifestyle blog detailing Sarah’s travel adventures, favourite places to eat and of course style.

Sarah has been collaborating with more and more brands this year especially in the area of fashion.

32. Rebecca O’Byrne

We’ve always been a big fan of Rebecca’s blog Haute So Fabulous – and in the last year she has proven her popularity.


The Dubliner is known for her stunning photoshoots on her blog and her elegant sense of style.

From sharing her travel adventures to her latest fashion loves, Rebecca has been working with some big brands in the last year and we’re expecting more in the coming year.

33. Elva Carri

One of Ireland’s leading Girl Bosses, Elva Carri has become one of Ireland’s leading influencers thanks to her company Girl Crew.


Elva created a Facebook group with the idea that women looking for companionship could find friends through the social network – and it has expanded all over the world in a short space of time.

Just this year Facebook met with Elva to film a short documentary about their success.

34. Fiona Reid Murphy

Fiona runs two huge blogging networks in Ireland – the Irish Bloggers Association and Irish Blogger Conference.


Starting the events years ahead of the game, Fiona has been bringing together stars of social media, blogging and more to connect people together.

From bloggers breakfasts to conferences around the country, Fiona also introduced a blog awards this year.

35. Cliona Kelly

Former Xpose producer and now leading blogger Cliodhna Kelly has seen her online profile rise rapidly.


The blonde has over 243,000 likes on her official Facebook page called Peaches & Cream.

Just recently one photo of Cliodhna trying out a tan got over 1.2 million reach on her Facebook page alone.

36. Lisa McGowan

Blogger, Stylist and MC Lisa hit the headlines this summer after hitting back at internet trolls when she was crowned Best Dressed Lady at the Galway Races.


But before she was making newspaper headlines Lisa has had a huge following online thanks to her Facebook page Lisa’s Lust List.

With over 67,000 likes on her page, Lisa has quickly become one of Ireland’s leading influencers in the world of beauty and fashion.

37. Georgia Penna

She’s always been one of Ireland’s biggest celebrities – and now Georgia shares her photos and updates all online.


The mum-of-two has a huge following on her Instagram account with 365k followers and 270k followers on Twitter.

Georgia shares everything from outfit posts, to holiday photos and of course pictures of her adorable family.

38. Ciara O’Doherty

Another blogger to add to our list is Galway native Ciara O’Doherty.

The fashion writer, stylist and presenter has been collaborating with a number of brands on her website ciaraodoherty.com.


Ciara has just under 30k followers on her Instagram and recently signed with Andrea Roche’s Influencer agency.

39. Galway Player

Another Galway native for our list is none other than bad boy blogger Galway Player.

While his identity is still hidden to many, Galway Player has become huge in influencer circles, and appears regularly on radio.


For his unique take on the Irish dating scene, check out his updates on galwayplayer.com.

40. Tara O’Farrell

One of Ireland’s leading make-up artists as well as an extremely talented model – Tara O’Farrell has a growing online following.

The newly married brunette works with the likes of Pippa O’Connor and has done makeup for celebrities like Kim Catrell.


But Tara herself is quickly becoming a celebrity in her industry with huge following on her Snapchat and Instagram accounts in particular.

41. Niall Breslin (aka Bressie)

He came to fame thanks to the success of his band The Blizzards – but it’s his work with mental health in Ireland that earns him a place on this list.

Dabbling with the online world Bresie set up his mental health website alustforlife.com which publishes open and honest pieces from himself and contributors about struggling with mental health.


Bressie’s campaigns has seen him fighting for rights in the Dail, and finally the conversation about mental health is being heard.

42. Sinead Cady

Makeup artists are definitely becoming some of the most influential people not only in Ireland but all over the world – so we have another one to add to our list.

Youtuber and blogger Sinead Cady has grown a huge following over the last few years, thanks to her site themakeupchair.ie.


She has just under 900,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel alone and we see it hitting the million mark this year.

43. Stephen McCormack

Straywave CEO Stephen McCormack has been making his way into the digital world thanks to his successful conference MediaCon.

He’s best known for creating smash hit shows like Fade Street and Celebrity Salon but it’s the new global entertainment summit that’s got everyone talking.


Taking place in Dublin again this September, MediaCon is bringing together the best of the best in the TV and Film world as well as all things digital.

44. Rob Lipsett

As well as beauty bloggers and Youtubers becoming celebrities in their own right, the world of fitness has become a huge online hit too.

Dubliner Rob Lipsett has seen his profile soar of the last few years, with a hardcore following across all his social media accounts.


On Instagram alone he has 94.8k followers, where he shares fitness tips and behind-the-scenes on workouts.

45. Ellen Kavanagh

The CEO of award-winning beauty company Waxperts, Ellen Kavanagh has gained a huge following online over the past year.

The Dubliner is especially popular on her Snapchat account, with thousands of women following her from all over the country.


The brunette is a self-confessed Girl Boss and shares her day to day life with her followers online.

46. Niall Harbison

Founder of the Lovin Group, Niall Harbison was one of Ireland’s early leading social media gurus.

The best-selling author has founded numerous Irish businesses and gives talks around the world about building an empire, online business and more.


With Lovin Dublin and Lovin.ie already a hit, Niall has already launched Lovin Dubai, Lovin Malta, Lovin Berlin and most recently Lovin Manchester.

47. Brendan Courtney and Sonya Lennon

Presenter turned designer turned entrepreneur Brendan Courtney has always been in the public eye – but it’s the last two years that has really seen his online profile increase.

Brendan and his business partner Sonya Lennon are already established authors and designers but it was launching their app Frock Advisor that brought them into the digital age.


From creating video content for brands to working with social media stars like James Kavanagh, these two really have their fingers on the pulse.

48. The Happy Pear

If you don’t know who the Happy Pear are then you must have been living under a rock the past year.

Very popular brothers David and Stephen Flynn kicked off their careers when the opened The Happy Pear in Bray, and they have gained a huge following online ever since.


The authors have a huge Snapchat account which documents everything from going for an early morning swim to cooking up their favourite recipes.

49. Niall McGarry

Another media mogul to add to our list is Niall McGarry – founder of Maximum Media.

The man behind the successful group created JOE.ie and Her.ie, getting ahead of the digital game in Ireland before anyone else.


After recently launching JOE.co.uk and hiring some seriously impressive staff, this digital empire will only grow bigger and bigger.

50. Melanie Morris

Another media publisher to add to our list is IMAGE magazine editor Melanie Morris.

Not only has Melanie got a loyal following through the publication but she has also gained a huge online following through her Snapchat account.

The Girl Boss is constantly sharing moments from her busy work life as well as travel adventures all around the world.


51. Louise O’Neill

Author of the incredibly successful book Just Asking For It – Louise O’Neill has become the voice of a generation all by an incredibly young age.

Louise is also a weekly columnist with the Irish Examiner and has been working with RTE on a documetary about the rape culture in Ireland.

With a large following online Louise always speaks her mind, and we all value her opinion.


52. Kate Kelly

She came to fame thanks to working with ultimate Girl Boss and fellow influencer Marissa Carter – but it’s her own blog and quirky style that has us hooked.

The red-head owns lifestyle blog pureirishsugar.com and writes about everything from the latest fashion buys to beauty reviews.

She also just recently set up a brand new travel blog with her other-half called wheretonextdarling.com.


53. Chloe Boucher

Another top makeup artist to add to our list is Chloe Boucher.

The blonde beauty has gained an enormous following thanks to her makeup tutorials on YouTube and her Snapchat account.

From testing out latest beauty products to showing off her latest makeup tutorial, girls love this lady.

54. Angela Scanlon

Her star is seriously rising in the UK, but Angela has always been influencer here in Ireland.


The red-head presenter hosted the BAFTAs red carpet for BBC this year and landeda co-hosting gig for Robot Wars.

As well as being a fab TV host Angela is also a stylist and we’re always lusting over her Instagram account.

55. Killian O’Sullivan

Former Fair City actor and Snapchat star Killian O’Sullivan has gained a huge online profile in the last year.


The Dubliner has his own film production company but spends most of his time chatting to everyone on his Snapchat account (actuallykillian).

From behind-the-scenes footage to sharing moments from his day-to-day life, Killian has quickly become a must follow.

56. Amanda Byram

TV presenter Amanda Byram has completely re-branded herself thanks to her healthy lifestyle.

The Clontarf native shares her gym work outs and healthy eating habits on all her social media accounts.


Amanda also launched amandabyram.com where she shares fitness videos.

57. Darragh Doyle

If you’re a Twitter fan you should definitely know who Darragh Doyle is by now.

The social media guru has a massive following on the social media network, with over 35,000 people following to date.

He works alongside some major brands too including broadcasters like RTE and Newstalk.

58. Jennifer Morris

Jennifer Morris aka Too Dolly Makeup has exploded on the online scene this year.

It all started with a few Snapchat shout outs and now Jen is one of the most followed people in the country.


The makeup expert does the best makeup tutorials we’ve ever seen, and you can see before and afters on her Instagram too as well as her blog toodollymakeup.com.

59. Ciamh McCroy

Head of Digital at Irish PR company Insight PR, Ciamh McCroy has gained her own following online.

Ciamh has spoken at a number of high profile conferences about using social media tools to help your brand, as well as helping companies to understand social media as a platform.


The PR guru has over 37k followers on her personal Twitter account and growing.

60. Jamie White

CEO of Youth Nation, entreprenuer Jamie White has a number of companies under his belt – all focused on digital.

Not only does her run successful websites like College Times, Jamie has also started Leading Social – a new event focused on social media.

Previously he has had speakers like Ted Rubin and Gary Vee.

61. Ross O’Dywer & Richard Barrett

There are so many digital publishers killing it in Ireland at the moment and the team behind Pundit Arena are just one of them.


Set up by Ross O’Dywer and Richard Barrett, the sports focused site has gained huge following in the last two years.

With 28.3k followers on Twitter already and 440,000 followers on Facebook, these guys just keep getting it right.

62. All The Team At Waterford Whispers

Waterford Whispers started out as a few Irish comedians having fun online – but in the last two years it has exploded into one of the most read websites in the country.


Not only is their satire spot on, but the writes continue to push the boat out with serious under tones in some of their most popular pieces.

With 98.2k follwers on Twitter and over 512.000 followers on Facebook, there’s no stopping these guys.

63. Aisling Keenan

Xpose Magazine Deputy Editor and former magazine guru Aisling Keenan has become huge on the social media scene this year.


The writer has exploded on the digital scene thanks to her growing Snapchat account.

From talking through her day-to-day life to showing behind the scenes in work, Aisling continues to be one of Ireland’s most popular Snapchatters.

64. Aoife Walsh


Top model Aoife Walsh is one of the most successful Miss Ireland’s to date.

After passing over her crown Aoife’s career got even stronger, landing a coveted campaign with Newbridge Silverware and Guinness.

The red-head is still one of the most booked models in the country, and continues to grow her online presence.


65. Laura Cunningham

Another influencer to add to our list that comes from the publishing world is Laura Cunningham.

The editor of bridal publication Confetti magazine, Laura has seen her online profile grow thanks to a huge following on her Snapchat account.

She’s also recently become an entrepreneur after setting up Hippenings.com.

66. Nuala Gorham


Galway girl Nuala Gorham runs blog pennyandpolaroids.com.

The blogger came on the scene a few years ago but it’s this year we’ve seen her work with big brands and start her travel series #NualaTravels.


Another influencer signed to Andrea Roche, Nuala was previously featured in Vogue.

67. Daniella Moyles

Model, DJ and Travel Writer Daniella Moyles has always been one of our favourites.

While the brunette is busy with her SPIN 103.8 breakfast show, Daniella’s real love lies in travel blogging.

The writer shares stunning images on her Instagram of everywhere she’s been – plus check out her blog’s page The Travel Two.

68. Tar Mar

Fashion Design graduate Tar Mar is a hugely popular digital influencer based in New York.


Her website tarmarz.com covers everything from fashion and beauty and includes some gorgeous photography.

Check out her Youtube channel HERE.

69. Edward Smith

TV presenter, celebrity restauranteur, wine guru AND publisher Edward Smith is building multiple digital empires at the minute.

As well as his wine blog Notes In Wine Edward has a wine book coming out this Christmas and runs lifestyle website Suburbiaonline.ie.

Also the owner of hugely successful Dublin restaurant Bach 16, there’s no stopping this guy.


His recent Prosecco Pops video went viral too (just in time for the sunshine).

70. Chef Adrian

Cavan Chef Adrian Martin is quickly becoming the next big thing in the cooking world.

Adrian has been huge on social media with seveal viral food videos available on his website chefadrian.ie and across his social media channels.

He’s best known for his work with TV3, but this guy is about to get even bigger thanks to bigger TV proejects on the horizon.


71. Nadia El Ferdaoussi

Top travel blogger Nadia has gained huge following online thanks to her endless adventures around the world.

The Dublin based writer has a hugely succesful blog called The Daily Self where she documents her stunning travels.

She’s also gained momentum on her Snapchat and Instagram accounts.

72. Vicki Notaro

Another fantastic writer to add to our list is Vicki Notaro.

The former editor of the Irish Independent’s magazine Insider, Vicki has carved a hugely succesful career for herself as a freelance writer, writing for prestigious publications including the Irish Times and Sunday Business Post.


More and more of Vicki’s work is being consumed online, with features and interviews landing across several websites.

73. Donal Skehan

Not only is Donal Skehan one of Ireland’s top influencers, the chef is now making a career for himself in the states.

The Dublin TV personality has a hugely succesful Youtube channel (with over 414,000 subscribers) and has been living and working in LA the past year.


This guy has a huge career ahead of him and he’s already had massive success at the age of 30.

74. Jane Swarbrigg

Jane is better known as ‘JaneInglot’ on Snapchat, and has become a huge personality across social media channels.

The Irish Inglot CEO has grown the beauty company all around Ireland, just recently announcing a new store in Waterford.


Jane has become a bit of a celebrity herself, after sharing tutorials and behind-the-scenes of her business on her Snapchat account.

75. Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly is definitely the Queen of Twitter in Ireland.

With over 34k followers on Twitter, the PR and Marketing guru is the founder of Women’s Inspire as well as the Social Media Summit.

Samantha has given talks and seminars all around the country about social media and the digital age.


76. Darren Kennedy

TV presenter, designer and stylist Darren Kennedy is enjoying a hugely successful career rightn ow.

The TV personality has worked with ITV, RTE and E! over the last year as well as running successful fashion site helpmystyle.ie.

Darren has also got a strong following across his social media accounts including Instagram and Snapchat.


77. Louise McSharry

RTE presenter Louis McSharry has always been a favourite in the radio world – but over the last year she has gained an extra following.

After bravely sharing her cancer battle through an RTE documentary, Louise has recovered, become pregnant with her first child and has written a book (she’s some woman for one woman).

When Louise shares her opinion, be it on radio, Twitter or anywhere online, people listen. Exhibit A.


78. Lorna Weightman

Top stylist Lorna Weightman has earned her spot on the top 100 influencers list.

The blogger and broadcaster is another member of Andrea Roche’s influencer agency and has been working with fashion brands for years.

From get the look posts to street style, Lorna has everything covered on her site styleisle.ie.

79. Doug Leddin

This year Doug Leddin really came to the forefront online after sharing a moving video about mental health.


In a brave move Doug openly shared a video about his struggle with depression across his social media channels which instantly went viral.

Doug also works with several high profile companies in marketing and PR.

80. Eanna Walsh

Another mental health advocate to land on our list is Eanna Walsh.

Best known for his Facebook page Bare Knuckling BiPolar, Eanna is trying to battle the stigma associated with mental health through excercise.

Both he and Doug appeared in a UTV special about meantal health awareness in Ireland and have big plans ahead.


81. Paddy Smyth

If you’re obsessed with Snapchat as much as we are then you will already be following Paddy Smith (@paddyysmyth).

The Dubliner is best known for his tagline Disabled Life, and is constantly breaking down the barriers associated with disability through hilarious methods.

From singing in his office to sharing drunken nights out, Paddy has gained an enormous following and it’s all for the better good.


82. Karen Constantine

Karen Constantine aka Lovely Girly Bits is another Snapchat star and blogger to add to our list.

The Dubliner shares everything across her social media platforms from beauty to lifestyle.

Karen also set up her own Youtube channel and has a growing following.

83. Holly Shortall

She first came to fame for her amazing illustrations – which got her noticed by none other than Kim Kardashian.

Now Holly is a name in her own right and has dabbled in the world of journalism – having a piece on her volunteering work preiously published in the Irish Times.


Holly now works in PR and has a strong following across her social media networks.

84. Lauren Arthurs

Top blogger Lauren Arthurs has gorwn her social media following in the last year.

The Cork fashion and lifestyle blogger made the move up to Dublin this year and has been working with a number of brands.

The brunette shares everything across her social media pages including fashion, travel and beauty.

85. Andrea Roche

With so many people signed on to her digital influencers agency, Andrea Roche definitely deserves a mention on this list.


So far she has top influencers like Grace Mongey and Rosie Connolly on her books, with more and more added every month.

She’s already been killing it in the modelling world and she’s a force to be reckoned with in the digital age too.

86. Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly

Known as SacconeJoly, Jonathan and Anna have cultivated an enormous following on their Youtube channel.


Irish man Jonathan and his American wife have two young children and live in the UK, and have over 1.6 million subscribers.

Follow them right HERE.

87. Jennie McGinn

Fellow girl boss and all-round awesome fashionista Jennie McGinn has a growing following online.

Jennie is the CEO of Irish shopping website OPSH.com, and shares behind-the-scenes of business life as well as her favourite styles across her social media accounts.

Jennie and her sisters started the business and are constantly in the media for their growing business.


88. Aisling Murray

Top makeup artist Aisling Murray aka Dramatic MAC has become huge on Youtube.

Aisling already has over 153,000 subscribes and a huge following on her social media accounts.

From everyday makeup looks to complete makeup transformations, Aisling has a stream of loyal followers, follow her HERE.

89. Sinead Burke

Writer and inspirational speakers Sinead Burke has become a huge figure in the Irish digital scene.


Sinead’s website minniemelange.com has included fantastic interviews with the likes of Louise O’Neill and Saoirse Ronan.

Sinead recently did a TED talk, which you can watch HERE.

90. AJ Fitzsimons

Blogger AJ Fitzsimons has a full-time job in marketing, but it’s her blog and Snapchat account that’s really working for her.

The blonde writes about everything from beauty and fashion to interiors and food.

She’s also very honest with her followers about getting cosmetic enhancements – and brings people through the whole process.


91. Pat Divilly

Pat Divilly is a best selling author, speaker and award winning entrepreneur from Galway, and he’s gained a huge online following this year.

Pat started his own fitness bootcamp and has branched into personal development seminars and courses Pat.

With  a pat on the back from Facebook and being named as one of Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneurs Pat’s profile is definitely still on the rise.


92. Cian Twomey

One of Ireland’s leading Youtubers, Cian Twomey has gained an enormous following thanks to his absolutely GAS videos.

With over 300,000 subscribers on his channel, Cian has taken the mick out of some hilarious situations (with an Irish twist of course).

Check out his hilarious videos right HERE.

93. Orla McConnon

Orla McConnon aka The Orlacle has gained a huge following on social media this year.


The Dublin native is best known for her makeup tutorials, but more importantly her gas sense of humour and hilarious nights out.

You’ll often spot some other Snapchat stars in her photos and videos and prepare for some serious lols.

94. Damien Broderick

One of Ireland’s leading male bloggers, Damien has grown an online following in the last year.


The professional tailor runs damienbroderick.net, a site focused mainly on style.

95. Nicola Halloran

Nicola Halloran aka The Wonky Spatula has become huge on the Irish foodie scene.

Her website thewonkyspatula.com is filled with delicious recipes that she makes look super easy to create.

Nicola has been teaming up with brands, including working with Newstalk on their #GiveInToLiving campaign.

96. Lorna Duffy

Lorna Duffy aka Fashion Boss runs a popular blog about all things fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle.


The Dublin based blogger shares everything from street style shoots, fashion buys and travel treasures on her site fashionboss.ie.

97. Indy Power

Top foodie Indy Power aka The Little Green Spoon has become hugely popular online in the last year.

On her website thelittlegreenspoon.com, the Trinity graduate shares her favourite recipes, with her sweet treats a favourite of many.


She also has a self-titled book on the way.

98. Aoibhe Devlin

Fashion and Beauty blogger Aoibhe Devlin has grown her following thanks to her blog thesecretobsession.com.

The Dublin blogger shares everything from OOTD looks, beauty buys and reviews.

99. Mei Ling Tong

Dublin based model and blogger Mei Ling Tong is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger.

The marketing student runs darlingbudsofmei.com and is often spotted at social and fashion events in Dublin.

100. Jessica Banaghan

Last but not least blogger Jessica Banaghan gained an extra following this year thanks to her #HireJess campaign.

The social media specialist runs her blog chaoswearinglipgloss but was focusing on getting a job in the industry after finishing her marketing course.

The campaign was a success and Jess was recently hired by The Bridge bar and Lemon & Duke in Dublin.