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This is why Netflix’s new reality series ‘Marriage or Mortgage’ is driving viewers crazy

Warning: This article contains spoilers!


Netflix’s latest reality series ‘Marriage or Mortgage’ dropped on the platform earlier this months, and viewers seem to be having the same reaction to the first season.

The show follows wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes, as they go head-to-head to win the hearts and budgets of spouses-to-be.

The couples must decide whether they want to spend their savings on their dream wedding day, or on securing a house for their future.


In the trailer, realtor Nichole says: “Owning a house is the all-American dream. I’m a real estate agent, I can make that dream come true.”

Meanwhile Sarah says: “The best part of being a wedding planner is being able to create these huge moments for my couples,” before telling Nichole: “You and I are going to compete for their business.”

The couples go to dress fittings, wedding cake tastings and potential venues, as well as homes that fall within their budget, before coming up with the difficult decision about what to spend their money on.

As viewers delved into the first season, they were left less than impressed as they watched most the couple’s choose a lavish wedding over a house.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Watching #MarriageOrMortgage is literally infuriating. The realtor gives them amazing incentives to go with the house and they all go with the wedding.”

Another tweeted: “I don’t know what I thought Marriage or Mortgage was about, but apparently it’s choosing between a Dream Wedding and a WHOLE ASS HOUSE??? That is NOT EVEN A CHOICE, KIDS.”