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The Most Memorable Moments From Last Year’s Toy Show

The Late Late Toy returns to our screens this Friday, November 25.

Ahead of the highly anticipated show, we are taking a look back at the most memorable moments from last year’s Christmas special.

From celebrity guest appearances to heartwarming moments with some inspiring children, take a look:

The opening number 

The theme of last year’s Toy Show was The Lion King.

Host Ryan Tubridy dressed up as Timon from the popular Disney movie, and was joined by a group of talented children as they performed ‘Hakuna Makata’ for the opening number.

Dinosaur expert Róisín

Ryan was joined by five-year-old dinosaur fanatic Róisín on last year’s show.

She was quizzed on different dinosaur toys in a rapid-fire question round, and she confidently answered them all correctly.

Ryan surprising aspiring DJ Calum and his hype man/little brother Jackson with new DJ equipment

DJ Calum and his little brother/hype man Jackson kept the audience and viewers at home throughout last year’s Toy Show with their music set.

In a heartwarming moment, Ryan then surprised Calum with some new DJ equipment – leaving him in tears.

So sweet!

Finn Ryan ringing the bell to celebrate being cancer free

We were all in floods of tears after this Toy Show moment.

Finn got the all-clear from cancer during the Covid-19 pandemic, but didn’t get to celebrate the moment properly because of hospital restrictions in place at the time.

He finally got to ring the bell on cancer during the Toy Show, and was later surprised with a trip to Legoland in Denmark with his family.

DJ Calum’s reaction to Fergal singing Ave Maria

DJ Calum was ALL of us watching Fergal’s incredible performance on the Toy Show.

The talented child wowed the audience with a rendition of Ava Marie, leaving DJ Calum shook.

His reaction was iconic!

Olympic gold medallist Kellie Harrington surprising best friends Darcy and Poppy

Olympic gold medallist Kellie Harrington surprised best friends Darcy and Poppy on the 2021 Toy Show.

She gave them a pair of signed gloves and Olympic vests, and also visited their school to give the girls a boxing lesson.

What a legend!

Ryan surprising Isabella with a trip to Paris for her and her family

Toy Show star Isabella, whose mother Claire who carer of the year for Co Clare last year, told Ryan about how much she would love to visit Paris.

In another emotional moment, the young girl and her family were surprised with a well-deserved trip to Disneyland Paris.

Ed Sheeran making a surprise appearance

Ed Sheeran was the surprise celebrity guest on last year’s Toy Show.

The singer performed with a fan, and also posed for photos with all the Toy Show stars.

This was definitely an unforgettable moment!


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