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Spotlight On: Makeup Artist Megan O’Connor

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October is here, meaning it’s finally time to start gearing up for Halloween, and kicking off our Spotlight on series in the month of all things spooky is Megan O’Connor, a connoisseur of Halloween beauty looks.

Her startling talent jumps off the screen as you scroll through her Instagram, where she shares statement looks with her community of 20,000 beauty lovers.

The 25-year-old, who bases herself in Leitrim, is a self-confessed Halloween makeup lover, and is sharing a new look each day for the month of October.


1. How long have you been a makeup artist?

I’m actually a self taught “MUA”, but it’s always been something I’ve loved, but this is my third year on Instagram as @MakeupByMeg____.

I purely just create makeup looks on myself for online.

2. How did you get your start in the beauty industry?

I remember I had always wanted to do something online, and do makeup, but never felt as if I could because I didn’t carry any qualifications in the makeup industry. But I remember there was quite a lot going on in real life that gave me that “AH HA” moment where I just thought, life is to short to not do what you want to be doing.


3. What are your earliest memories of enjoying makeup?

I’ll be honest, I always had a love for makeup! I remember my first makeup set of the cream blushes and stackable lipsticks, (I feel so old) which thinking back now smelt like paint and probably were so bad for my face, but being madly in love with them! I have always been creative and makeup was always so fun to play with.

4. What made you want to start creating online makeup content?

I had just got my Fine Art degree in college, and I was kind of exhausted at the thoughts of painting canvases, and set my sites on makeup, painting my face, and taking photos just for myself.

And when my parents got unwell, it just gave me the nudge I needed, where I thought I’ll never know if I dont try! So I did!


5. Can you tell us about the Halloween makeup series you’re doing on your Instagram at the moment?

Halloween is just my one true love, I love everything about it! It’s just so refreshing to not have to second guess your content and post whatever crazy makeup makes you happy! I’m completing a 31 Days Of Halloween series, where I’m posting one new look per day, and trying to create something for everyone and help inspire people for their Halloween plans!

6. What draws you to Halloween makeup specifically?

I think it’s the creativity of it all! It has no boundaries like glam makeup or what people expect to see when it comes to makeup, sometimes its nearly like the more different the better! I get such pleasure sitting down and getting lost in my own world, becoming a character in a sense!


7. What is the biggest challenge when it comes to creating online beauty content?

Personally, for myself, its finding a balance with life. I help care for my mum who has alzheimers, so sometimes finding a balance and finding the time can be hard.

But when I get to sit down and do it, it’s my time to zone out & when I finish that makeup, post it, and if it goes down well it really does make my day.

8. How do you think the Irish beauty industry could improve?

I think, being a girl from Leitrim, it can be hard to get yourself out there when you arent based within Dublin. Events and most things are based within the bigger cities which is understandable. But honestly other then that, I find all Irish artists are so supportive of one another, it’s very refreshing, so I dont think I’d change too much in that sense.

You can find all of Megan’s makeup looks on her Instagram HERE.