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Powder ‘n’ Pout’s Aisling Cunningham reveals all about Make Up By Mario’s Masterclass


Aisling Cunningham, founder of Irish cosmetics brand Powder ‘n’ Pout, was one of the lucky few to attend the Mario Dedivanovic, aka Make Up By Mario, Masterclass in Toronto last week.

Not only that, but Powder ‘n’ Pout Cosmetics was among the best brands in the world sponsoring Mario’s incredible gift bags for The Masterclass.

Setting their sights on the international market, Powder ‘n’ Pout is set to be one of the biggest beauty brands to come out of Ireland.

After jetting home from Toronto, we caught up with Aisling to find out what it was like to meet Kim Kardashian’s famous makeup artist, and how it felt to have her own brushes selected for Mario’s goodie bag.

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1. Why did you decide to attend the Masterclass?

Mario Dedivanovic has been a massive influencer in the beauty industry for many years now and I have followed his career for just as long.

Some of the most requested makeup looks in my salon are looks created by Mario.

2. What is it about the looks he creates that you love?

He is known for his use of contouring, particularly as seen on Kim Kardashian West, but I’m just as impressed by how he creates a flawless base and adds luminosity to the face without overloading on makeup or leaving visible lines.

He has a fantastic technique of building makeup on the skin in light layers and blending seamlessly. I would thoroughly recommend his Masterclass to any makeup artist or real beauty enthusiast.

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3. You have been a successful makeup artist for 10 years now – why do you still attend training events? 

I don’t think you can ever decide ‘that’s it, I have nothing more to learn in this industry.’

In order to stay current you need to continually update your skills and keep abreast of trends, new products and new techniques.

I apply the same work ethic to my brush range selecting the best materials I can source with the most up to date manufacturing techniques.

4. Speaking of your brushes, how did you react when you heard that your brushes had been selected for Mario’s goodie bags?

I was absolutely over the moon when I got the news. It validates that the brushes are of the highest quality but I was still pretty shocked.

It can be quite overwhelming when other people acknowledge that you have done a good job with an idea that you have carried around in your head for years.

5. What was the highlight of your experience in Toronto? 

There are lots to choose from as the entire event was so well organised and The Masterclass itself was incredible, but I think actually meeting Mario would be top of my list.

Despite having large numbers of people to meet and greet, he still found time to speak with everyone and was very gracious. It’s always so nice when that happens with someone who you have admired for many years.