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Penneys have the PERFECT bridal range

This is the best thing for any bride-to-be


Planning a Hen Party can be pretty stressful, especially when you’ve to stick to a certain budget.

Whether you’re the maid of honour, the mother-of-the-bride, the sister, or even the bride-to-be, there’s so much to do when it comes to planning a Hen – especially when it comes to the little details.

But thankfully, Penneys have come to our rescue once again with their new Bridal Range, and the best thing about the collection is the prices.

White Bride Shorty Set – €5


Let’s be honest, the majority of the wedding fund is going towards the big day, so nobody wants to splurge too much on their Hen ‘do.

But that doesn’t mean it has to lack all the personal touches…

First up is the all important PJ sets, and Penneys have plenty for the bridal party.

You can pick up the above Bride-To-Be shorty set for just €5, and the bridesmaids can rock the pink bridal sleep tee (pictured below) for €8.

Pink Bridal SleepTee – €8

If your a part of the bridal party, a really nice idea is to dress the bride-to-be’s bed with some really cute touches.

We love these Beyoncé inspired cushions below, simply pair with some matching white bed sheets, and you’re good to go!

You can pick these up for just €5 each.

Bride-to-be Cushions – €5

Hen Parties are all about fun, and lots of it!

You also want to make sure that you’re taking plenty of pictures, and what’s a picture without a fun prop?

Penneys are stocking the cutest hen party photo props, and they’re only €3!

We suggest getting your hands on a polaroid camera, taking plenty of pics with the props, and popping them into a scrapbook for the bride-to-be to remember forever.


Hen Party Photo Props – €3

Of course, getting glam is very important for a Hen Party, that’s where PS… Beauty comes in.

As part of their Bride Tribe collection, Penneys have released super cute lip gloss and nail polish sets to help the bridal party get ready for their big night out.

To make things even more fun, we love the set of Bridal Tattoos. Simply stick them on with some water and you’re good to go!

Lip Gloss Entourage Set – €6
Bridal Nail Polish Entourage – €6
PS Bridal Tattoos – €2.50

Lastly, we spotted these gorgeous little emergency kits for when the big day finally comes.

These little kits can come in so handy, especially for those last minute disasters.

With contents like a needle and thread, a pocket mirror, a mini comb, and more – these kits are well worth the €5. You can get personalised ones for the Bride, and for the Bridesmaids.


Bridal Kit White – €5
Bridesmaid Kit – €5