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The New Rose Gold and Marble Pieces From Penneys Are To DIE For


Right now the two hottest things in the accessory world are all things marble and all things rose gold – and while some stores are seriously expensive to buy this new trend, Penneys have released some seriously reasonable pieces.

While people right now are hoooked on marble phone cases, iPad cases and laptop cases, you can get so much more from Penneys.

1. Marble Cushion €10

marble cushion

This is the most expensive piece on our list – and it’s only €10 so you know you’re getting a serious bargain.

Imagine this on your bed covers, sitting room couch or somewhere in your office.

Not only is it small and comfy – it’s totally the perfect Instagram photo sitting right there for a tenner…

2. Jewellery Stand €7

Jewellery Holder

Need somewhere to put all your “pretty little things” ? Then this is perfect for you.

We’re sure you already have lots of rose gold jewellery so why not put them on a matching stand?

Your bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces and earrings can all go on here.

3. Foundation Brush €4

Rose Gold Foundation Brush

Not only is this a super cheap oval buffer foundation brush – it’s gorgeous too.

These buffer brushes have become seriously popular over the last few months and it helps give you better coverage.

We just need a rose gold makeup bag to put this baby into.

4. Cocoa Brown’s Rose Gold Golden Goddess €11.95

golden goddess

Good luck if you can actually get your hands on this – because these babies are selling out EVERYWHERE.

If you loved the Golden Goddess Oil from Cocoa Brown you’ll be obsessed with their Rose Gold version.

Where this on your cheek bones, nose, collar bone and basically all over – you’ll be glistening!

5. Marble Laundry Bin €5

Laundry Basket

This might seem unnecessary but if you’re going to start a trend in your bedroom you might as well stick to it.

How good would it feel to throw your laundry into this magnificent basket?

We’re pretty sure you’ll end up doing your washing a lot more if you got to carry this baby to the utility room…

6. Pineapple Canvas €2

Pineapple Canvas

Okay so you’ve got your goddess oil, your foundation brush, pillow, jewellery stand and laundry basket – the walls are next.

This is such a steal at €2 and would perfectly suit your office or bedroom.

Plus who doesn’t love a pineapple right?

7. Marble Shower Curtain €7

Shower Curtain

Okay, okay… we know you don’t particularly NEED a marble shower curtain in your life but don’t you seriously WANT this?

Before throwing your towel in your marble laundry basket, have a hot shower behind this gorge curtain.

For €7 you’d be crazy to turn this down, all we need now is some rose gold shampoo bottles!

8. Rose Gold Stationary from €1.50


Just when we thought we had the dream collection we’ve just died on gone to heaven.

We literally NEED all of these items on our desk, and everything is so cheap.

BRB, gone to Penneys…..