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Meet The Man Behind Some Of The Biggest Celeb Smiles

This week we are meeting the man behind some of the most famous smiles.

Robbie Hughes has gone from being a Kickboxing World Champion to a CEO and his two companies Millionaire Smile and Dental Excellence are just the beginning.

Tell us about your background?

I’m the Principle Dentist of Dental Excellence – a luxury smile transformation centre based in South Liverpool. I went to university at the University of Liverpool and studied dentistry. As a young man, I had big ambitions to do something interesting in the dentistry world. I was actually a kickboxing world champion at one point – which was fun. But I hung up my gloves soon after to focus whole-heartedly on building my legacy in dentistry.

Who’s teeth have you done that we might know?

There are countless names I could give you which you’d probably recognise from somewhere or another – we really do have patients flying in from all over. But some of the bigger names you may know of are probably Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool FC manager, Kem Centinay from Love Island, Fred & Jesse Lingard and a few others from Manchester United, Bugzy Malone (the UK rap artist), Charlie Sloth from the radio, and Molly-Mae Hague from Love Island. That said, we really do see lots of patients who you would likely recognise; far too many to mention.

Why do you want to be in Ireland?

Ever since we started our journey in this industry, we’ve had an amazing relationship with the people of Ireland. Of all the places in the world, Ireland seems to be the place that appreciates our brand and our smile transformations most. We have been working for years planning out our Irish consultation clinics – and last year, we finally managed to organise our first Irish clinic – and honestly, it was crazy. Three days of back to back consultations with our team sold out in minutes. We’re now doing regular clinics in Dublin and the demand isn’t slowing. We really love the Irish people – the atmosphere over here is amazing and we generally just enjoy the whole experience.

Why do you think teeth especially veneers are such a huge deal to the millennial generation?

The world has changed a lot over the last decade. Technology in dentistry has come such a long way that all cosmetic issues can be resolved – often without teeth drilling and pain. And because of the advent of treatments like Composite Veneers, costs are becoming more and more accessible. This, mixed with the obsessively social world that we currently live in whereby young people are constantly interacting with content from their friends and celebrities, who may have a perfect smile…

It just creates an environment where there is somewhat of a proactive desire for millennials to get their smile into a place where they feel confident showing it off – and the old-school barriers which used to get in the way (costs, painful treatments, risk) are now as small as they’ve ever been.

But I want to highlight, this isn’t just millennials. We’ve got people of ALL ages coming into Dental Excellence demanding life changing smile transformations. I just think the millennials talk about it more on social media, so it seems more prevalent.


Tell us about your brand millionaire smile.

Millionaire Smile is a revolutionary new dental beauty brand which we’ve launched to further support those individuals looking to improve or maintain their oral health & smile aesthetics. We have truly created something amazing, with our PAP technology teeth whitening products which leave zero sensitivity, our toothpaste tablets to cut the billions of toothpaste tubes which are binned every year, and our market leading range of oral care products. We are genuinely focused on helping to solve the problems which are ongoing in the dentistry world – and so, Millionaire Smile was the next logical move.

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