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Make barista-style coffee in your own home with these AMAZING products


You can now make barista-style coffee in your own home, with these amazing products from Aldi.

This coffee capsule machine, milk heater and frother, and coffee capsule holder are part of Aldi’s Specialbuys from Thursday the 9th of March onwards.

The Coffee Capsule Machine is available for just €59.99. It’s the quick and easy way to enjoy barista-style coffee in the comfort
 of your own home.

It features 20 bar pump pressure, a detachable spout for easy cleaning, adjustable coffee volume and a capsule auto eject system with drawer to hold 10 used capsules.

4 Colours: The machine comes in 4 amazing colours | ALDI

The machine is available in 4 colours, and you can use Aldi’s core range of Alcafé coffee pods in it to customise your coffee for a smooth and delicious taste every day.

Next up is the Milk Heater & Frother, which will be available for €24.99. The heather and frother is perfect for heating and frothing milk for lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate.

It switches off automatically, is non-stick, easy to clean, and is available in 4 colours.

Delicious: You can make barista-style coffee at home with these products | ALDI

The final piece of your barista-style coffee puzzle is the Coffee Capsule Holder, which is just €5.99.

Keep your favourite coffee capsules handy in this chrome-plated holder. You can choose from Dolce Gusto®, Tassimo™ or Nespresso™ compatible designs.

All of the above products will be on sale in all 128 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday 9th March while stocks last.