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Happy Birthday Johnny! Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s 7 Best Moments


Goss.ie are taking a look at Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s top 7 moments as he celebrates his 39th birthday today.

The actor was the break out star on the RTE show The Tudors and has starred in some great films, including the classic Bend It Like Beckham and Mission Impossible III.

He’s also known for his star role in the hit TV show Vikings and also Roots where he plays a poor Irish farmer.

The Cork native has also shown he’s more than just another big celeb as he’s helped out with various charities and good causes.


1. The Tudors

jonathan rhys meyers tudors

Jonathan was the star of the show when he first appeared on The Tudors.

The 39-year-old played the leading role of King Henry VIII who was known for his multiple marriages and literally axing his wives.

He starred alongside some major names like Superman’s Henry Cavill, Games of Thrones Natalie Dormer, and Irish actress Sarah Bolger.

You can catch all four seasons on Netflix.


2. Batman Ben

jonathan rhys meyers facebook

Jonathan is more than just a pretty face as he’s proved with his charitable acts.

Most recently, he met with young Vikings fan Ben Farrell, nicknamed Batman Ben for his bravery.

He spoke in a video applauding Ben’s bravery and urged people to help support him.

Jonathan posed in a few photos with Ben and had a big smile to match his big heart.


3. Engagement to Mara Lane

Jonathan popped the question to Mara Lane in December of 2015 to be his wife.

The actor had been dating the actress for a year before getting down on one knee.

A source revealed to Goss.ie when it was first announced they were an item that they were inseparable during their first five months together.

Mara has been seen multiple times shining her gorgeous diamond ring as she’s strolled around with her handsome Irish love.


4. London Town

jonathan london

Jonathan will be back on the big screen soon with his latest film, London Town.

He plays the legendary Joe Strummer from The Clash.

In a sneak peak of the film, we can see Jonathan strumming away on a guitar and dressed in typical punk style.

We have to say, he looks very handsome as a rocker.


5. Elvis

Before the fame of The Tudors, Jonathan played one of the 20th century’s biggest studs – Elvis Presley.

The actor not only looked the part with a perfectly styled quiff, but even had the leg shakes down.

The TV series following the musician’s life was well received winning multiple awards.

Jonathan also walked away with a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor for the mini-series.


6. Stronger than his addiction

7th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards

It takes a very strong man to admit they have a problem, and Jonathan did just that.

The actor has been to rehab to sort out his issue with alcohol abuse but did suffer a relapse in May 2015.

It was revealed in a series of photos of the actor that he was on the street with a bottle of vodka whilst in Cannes.

He took to Mara’s Instagram account to apologise to fans about the incident and announced he was back on the mend.


7. Hugo Boss

hugo rhys

We love when we see our own Irish faves grace the cover of a magazine or campaign and Jonathan’s Hugo Boss campaign was one of the best.

For one of the sub-brands, Hugo, the 39-year-old posed in a plain white tank job for the launch of their new fragrance at the time.

Since then, he has been in multiple Boss advertisements for the Hugo brand.

He joins other gorge actors who have worked with the brand including Ryan Reynolds and Jared Leto.