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How To Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

Halloween is a spooky time, but for your pets it can really be a nightmare.

Between fireworks, people in and out trick-or-treating and strange foods lying around, it can be a dangerous time for our furry friends.

Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe this Halloween:

Keep them away from the treats

If you’re planning on leaving a bowl of treats out for trick-or-treaters or have one stashed by the door, make sure it’s out of reach of your pets.

Things like chocolate, coffee, raisins, nuts and sweeteners such as Xylitol can be extremely toxic and dangerous for cats and dogs.

Make sure they can’t get into your sweet stash and that they’re not being fed potentially dangerous treats or swiping them off the floor.

Keep your pet secure 

If your pet is usually an outdoor animal, it might be a good idea to invite them in for the night or make sure they’ve a safe place like a shed or kennel.

There’s a lot of activity on Halloween night, so it’s best to make sure your pet can’t slip out the door or head out the gate if you have people calling to the house. It will also prevent them bolting if they get spooked by a firework or any commotion.

It is also recommended that you leave your pet behind (if it’s safe to) when you’re heading out trick or treating. Bonfires and parties aren’t the safest places for your furry friends on Halloween night.

Make your pet identifiable 

Your dog should legally be microchipped and all pets should wear a collar with a name tag on it.

The nametag should include your pet’s name, your name and your contact number. Have a second contact number on the nametag too.

That way if your pet goes missing, the person/people who find them will know the pet is not a stray and will be able to contact you as soon as possible.

As we previously mentioned, pets can run away during Halloween if they get scared or if a door is left open. Having your pet identifiable will help to ensure they get returned home safely.

Keep them away from loud noises 

Most pets will be frightened by any loud noises. If you know there is going to be fireworks, party poppers or any loud noises near your home, you should make arrangements to keep you pet away from it.

If you suddenly hear any fireworks or loud commotion, make sure to check on your pet as they will likely be startled and need some calming down.

Be careful of costumes and decorations

Dressing your pet up can be a cute activity, but it is important to ensure it is done safely.

Make sure you’re using a costume meant for pets and that it is not too tight or digging into them anywhere. Some pets will not like being dressed up so if your pet resists, don’t force the costume on them or they may become distressed.

It’s also a good idea to explain to young children the dangers of costumes as they may try and dress up your pet when you’re not looking and get themselves or the pet hurt.

If you’ve decorated the house, make sure it is in a pet friendly way. Have no decorations hanging that your pet might get caught up in, or anything loose that they might be tempted to eat or chew up.

Be aware of leaving pumpkins on the floor with lit candles, as your pet may burn themselves or tip it over.

Be aware of toxic substances 

Things like glowsticks, UV paint, face paint, paints and alcohol may be toxic to your pet if ingested.

Be aware of where things are placed so that your pet doesn’t get their paws on them. If your pet has ingested something that may be toxic, make sure to contact a vet ASAP.

For more information, visit the ISPCA website. 


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