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The Good, The Bad, And The Hilarious: 18 Of The X Factor’s Funniest Moments


The X Factor has gifted us with plenty of entertainment over the years, including the good, the bad, and the down right HILARIOUS.

From bad singing, to just plain bad behaviour – the popular ITV talent show is still one of the most-watched shows on television.

Now that The X Factor is well and truly back with a bang (and with Louis Walsh in tow), we wanted to take a little trip down memory lane to look back on some of the show’s funniest moments over the years.

And let’s just say, there’s PLENTY. Take a look:

1. Water-Gate

Probably one of the most memorable moments on The X Factor was when Sharon Osbourne swilled Louis Walsh.

After the Mayo native made a questionable joke about her husband, Ozzy Osbourne’s, drug use – Sharon decided to get her own back, and it was GAS!

2. Rylan’s Emotional Breakdown

Who can forget that time former contestant (and now Xtra Factor host) Rylan Clark had an absolute breakdown during Judges Houses?

Upon Nicole Scherzinger telling him that he got through to the live shows, Rylan literally lost his mind – and collapsed into a hilarious puddle of tears.

3. Mr Friday Night

One of the most recent (and terrible) X Factor auditions has to be this guy.

Belting out his own original song Friday Night, the contestant managed to get the judges and the crew on their feet – and even got Nicole on the table!

We’re not gonna lie, the tune is still stuck in our head…

4. Calvin Harris Crashed Jedward’s Party

That’s right, Calvin Harris crashed one of Jedward’s performance’s on The X Factor back in 2009 – and was subsequently banned from the show for life.

Sporting a pineapple on his head, the DJ intended on making a mockery of the show.

However, Calvin appears to have changed his mind about the show as he was one of Nicole Scherzinger’s Guest Judges at her house this year. It’s still funny, all the same!

5. Harry Styles’ X-Rated Whisper

One of the most ICONIC moments of The X Factor HAS to be that time we all caught young aul Harry Styles whispering some rather dirty things in Matt Cardle’s ear.

After Matt was crowned the winner of The X Factor back in 2010, 16-year-old Hazza appeared to whisper, “Think of how much p***y you’re gonna get” in Matt’s ear – and unfortunately for Harry, the cameras caught him in the act.


6. Sharon Osbourne VS The Door

This had to be one of the funniest auditions ever on The X Factor.

It all starts with BFFs Louis and Sharon not being able to contain their laughter during a particularly bad audition – and it just gets funnier from there really!

After being kicked out of the room by Simon, Sharon ends up walking face first into a door, and it’s literally the funniest thing ever.

7. That Time Alexandra Burke EmbarassedHerself.com


This has to be one of the most embarrassing things we’ve EVER seen on TV.

Former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke was invited back on the show to fill in for Kelly Rowland back in 2011, and she was giving out to Louis on the panel – she said, potentially, the most cringe sentence.

“You better get your words straight, OK.Com, thank you.”

Can’t. Cope.

8. Olly Murs Is Deadlock Dumb

Who could forget this disastrous blunder?

Last year, we saw Monica and Anton in the bottom two, and after the vote was meant to go to Deadlock – Olly prematurely announced that Monica was going home.

Oh, the shame!

9. When Nicole Scherzinger Christened The Phrase: ‘No Baby, No’

Another iconic X Factor moment – that time Nicole created the phrase, “No, baby, no” – and changed our lives forever.

After Zoe Alexander failed to impress judges, then pulled a tantrum on stage, she proceeded to bring her DAD out on stage to essentially give out to the judges – and Nicole was having NONE of it.

No, Baby, No! *snaps fingers*

10. The Terrible Two

Possibly the worst X Factor contestants, Abby and Lisa aka Ablisa, provided plenty of LOLs when they took to the stage.

After giving the judges (and the audience) a little too much sass – the pair ended up getting in a fight with each other, and one ended up boxing the other!

The judges reaction is the BEST part!

11. Every Time Sinitta Shows Up

Without fail, Simon’s pal (and former flame) Sinitta always manages to show up some how.

And one things for sure, she ALWAYS makes an entrance.

Anyone remember the leaf dress?!

12. Tripod Guy

Ahh, Tripod Guy.

Michael Shimaoka auditioned back in 2011, and everyone recognised him as that Tripod Guy – you know, the guy who would ALWAYS be in popular Dublin hotspot Tripod?

Anyway, while Tripod Guy is a hit with nightclub audiences, he failed to impress the X Factor judges.

13. Sharon Osbourne: That’s Quite Fabulous!

One of Sharon’s finest moments on the X Factor has to be during this audition.

After finding a particular lyric funny, Sharon launched into an uncontrollable laughing fit, and even exclaimed ‘I love this job so much!’ as she literally fell off her chair laughing.

We love her!

14. Louis Walsh Teaches Cheryl and Katy Perry How to Irish Dance

Despite Louis Walsh and Cheryl’s obvious differences, the pair actually used to get on.

Louis even taught Cheryl, and American pop star Katy Perry, how to Irish dance – well, kinda!

15. Over-Excited Steve

One of the most AWKWARD X Factor situations ever was when a contestant, named Steve, got a little bit too excited on stage..

The sheer horror on Cheryl’s face tells it all really.

16. Ant & Seb

This is the X Factor audition we wish we could relive every single day of our lives.

Ant and Seb decided to audition for The X Factor with a rather interesting rendition of Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl – which caused Simon, Cheryl and Louis to practically wet themselves laughing.


17. The Most Outrageous Sob Story Ever: #ChickenGate

In the latest series of The X Factor, pals Ottavio and Bradley both auditioned separately after they fell out.. over chicken.

To cut a long story short, Bradley served Ottavio some undercooked chicken, and Ottavio was less than impressed.

Thankfully, the X Factor is all about forgiveness – and the judges got the friends to kiss and make up!

18. When Gary Barlow Shaded The F**k Out Of Tulisa

Gary Barlow was known to be pretty outspoken when he replaced Simon Cowell on The X Factor – but this just took the biscuit!

After Tulisa roasted him for his song choice, the Take That star hit back – and slagged her off for having “fag ash” breath!