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The Galway Player’s 10 Step Guide To Galway Race Week


The Galway Races are kicking off – and there’s no better man to give us the ultimate guide to race week than the Galway Player.

Take notes people…

Monday sees the beginning of the longest horse racing festival in Ireland and the UK.

An equestrian escapade which is as much fun off the track as it on the famous Ballybrit course. I

f you’re heading West during the week here are some of my top tips for surviving the Galway Races.

1. Bring a Brolly

Pride of Ireland Awards 2014

The weather in Galway is as changeable as a woman’s mood guys.

If you have a decent umbrella during the inevitable showers you’ll have the ladies flocking to you faster then you can say “free Jennifer Wyrnne hat.”


2. Bring Flats Ladies

Bruce Springsteen attends the Dublin Horse Show 2016

The going currently looks good out at the Racecourse, this is subject to climatic changes naturally.

One track that never gets any easier is the cobbled Shop Street in Galway.

The city center pavement has seen more fallers that the jumps in Ballybrit in the past few years. #timber

3. Pub It

An Pucan

Galway has an amazing night life with some of Ireland’s finest bars.

If you’re unfamiliar with them, my one tip would be to check our An Púcán, this multi award winning bar across from the train station has one of Ireland’s most impressive outdoor areas.

The live flowered walls are great for a selfie and a few snapchats. #key

4. Go Racing


(I know this sounds like rule number on but seriously).

There’s a special buzz out at the race course, it’s the most social of meetings.

The Champagne Tent is where you’ll find me most of the week, but there’s a terrific atmosphere there all week.

If you’re making the effort to go to Galway, definitely check out the track. #giddyup

5. It’s All About Ladies Day

Punchestown Day 4 106

Lad’s bring a neckbrace to this one, the talent is simply incredible.

Outfits have been coordinated months in advance. The hats have to be seen to be believed, they are normally stunning feats of engineers and if you stand close enough to them they improve your mobile phone coverage no end.


6. Suit Up

Bruce Springsteen attends the Dublin Horse Show 2016

I have been dressed for the week by Anthony Ryan’s on Shop Street and the lads have today me the mornings will be crazy all week, full of last minute panic buying.

Fortunately they have a superb selection, but lads come on, make an effort; it’s worth it trust me.

A well fitted suit to a woman is like lingerie to a guy, make sure your’s is the sexy kind not a suit version of Bridget Jones knickers. #fitted

7. Get A Hotel Room

connacht hotel galway

The pubs are hopping all week but so are the hotels, they go all out bringing in extra bar’s, marquee’s and entertainment.

One of the best line ups this year is in the Connacht Hotel on the Dublin Road.

Their Pavilion looks amazing and the music is top notch. Plus it’s very handy if you pull someone actually saying in the hotel. #RoomService

8. Crustie Go

galway pic

Crabby, Wyeedle and Maimar sound like Pokemon Go character’s but they are actually well-known hippies in Galway.

The 2020 Capital of Culture is an artistic hub so be warned you may encounter some on your travels.

They are harmless but if one gets too close spray deodorant in their direction and they won’t be long leaving. #soapdodgers

9. Gourmet Galway


The last few years has seen a meteoric rise in the standard of eateries in the city of the Tribes.

My advice is book early and turn up, the chef’s in this town have a tendency to share their frustrations on social media. If you’re looking for grub on the go, Supermac’s in Eyre Square has as good an atmosphere as any nightclub.

Hungry Bear also in Eyre Sqdoes amazing grilled chicken and for the best pizza in Galway check out Doug Bros. #soakage

10. Shop Local

Punchestown 08

If you’re on the pull, go for a local.

It’s hard to beat a Galway girl, they know all the best venues, especially after hours which pubs have chargers behind the bar and where to get a cab.

Eyre Square can resemble the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan at 3am, with less clothes and more fake tan, so stick with someone who know’s the score.


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With nearly 50 years in business, the acclaimed hotel is located on the main Dublin road as you enter Galway City Centre.

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